Books for Sale!

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Nov 152004

Anne McCaffrey has released a large inventory of her personal stock of books to WYSIWYG Books in the U.S, which are now available for sale only on their website. Many of these books are no longer available anywhere else, so browse through their site and see if there’s anything you might want to snatch up!

Included with each book is an authentic full color bookplate, personally signed by Anne. She designed this bookplate herself, which includes Colin Saxton’s wonderful rendition of what The Dragonlady of Pern considers to be a Proper Pernese Dragon.

Visit WYSIWYG Books by clicking here!

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Important Announcement

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Nov 102004

Greetings one and all!

The work on all things McCaffrey continues at an exciting pace! In upcoming months there will be a few changes that many of you are sure to notice. As with all change, some of it will be greeted with cheers and some, unfortunately, will not. To avoid taking anyone by surprise, here is a bit of a preview of what is coming in the near future.

The recent upgrades to the website and changes to the administration of Anne’s business affairs have made it necessary to review some expenses. While we have been wonderfully pleased to offer the Kitchen Table Bulletin Board (KTBB) and the Kitchen Table Live (KTL) to Anne’s fans, the fact is that they’re becoming cost prohibitive, especially in the attempts to keep them updated and current with today’s technology. After a great deal of contemplation and discussion, it has been decided to phase out the KTBB and KTL.

A large part of this, as well, is that we’ve been anxious to internationalize the website. When we looked more carefully at what this would require, we realized that administering an international KTBB and KTL would be impossibly expensive, and hardly fair to insist on an English-only community. Because we can’t quite handle a multi-lingual KT, we feel the time has come to relinquish such things back to the care of Anne’s fans.

Because so many of us have contacts and memories attached to these areas, the closing of the boards is being postponed for one month to give everyone a chance to save any posts, addresses or information that they would rather not lose. So mark your calendars – you have until December 15th, 2004 to save any information you hold near and dear.

In conjunction with the end of this particular era, we would like to mention how much we have appreciated the hosts and administrators of the KTBB and KTL. They have given unselfishly of their time and care, helping to create a community that has reached out to so many. Thank you.

Here are some changes worth cheering about: We’d like to faciliate the close relationship between Anne and her fans with the addition of a blog to Anne’s website. It will allow her to keep in touch and give her fans a chance to read the inside scoop on upcoming books, events and personal information as well as give Anne a place respond to selected emails. This will be a wonderful opportunity to experience the wit and whimsy that is Anne.

This is not the only new and exciting thing on the horizon – we’ve saved the best for last. Remember the ‘contemplation and discussion’ mentioned earlier? These same discussions have resulted in a decision to relax some of the rules for fan sites and fanfiction. The process will now require only the copyright disclaimer and homepage to be approved. Click here to see my “Fan Fiction Rules.” Please contact if you have questions or would like to be approved.

Check back again soon; there are more additions ahead!

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Recommended Reading

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Nov 032004

If you’ve been wondering what Anne’s been reading lately, you’ve come to the right place – she’s been raving about a few certain items on her bookshelf, and we thought you might enjoy taking a look!

"Alien Taste" Series
Alien Taste, Wen Spencer
Tainted Trail, Wen Spencer
Bitter Waters, Wen Spencer
Dog Warriors, Wen Spencer

"Liaden" Series
I Dare, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

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