New Year’s Updates

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Dec 312004

In light of the pending and very imminent changes to the Worlds of Anne McCaffrey website, we thought you’d appreciate some links to external bulletin boards and live chats. These sites should offer some very attractive alternatives to the original Kitchen Table communities – and you’ll most likely find many familiar faces!

A Meeting of Minds. A new discussion board named after one of Anne’s oldest short stories, the original short tale of Damia from 1969. (Click here to visit this site.)

Anne McCaffrey Fans. A brand new fansite with both bulletin boards and live chat resources for Anne McCaffrey fans. (Click here to visit this site.)

Pern Alliance. A friendly group of clubs unrelated by any particular format or timeline. This site includes Pern-specific resources and a message board forum. (Click here to visit this site.)

Pern Fandom Forums. An online Anne McCaffrey fandom community dedicated to fandom, writing and role playing. (Click here to visit this site.)

Pernese Friends. A fansite with bulletin boards that include (among other things) photo and art post forums, story and poems forums, and a live chatroom. (Click here to visit this site.)

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