Books for Younger Readers

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Jul 262007

Patrick wrote:

My oldest son is 10 years old, a voracious reader, and is reading at a high school level already. We are rapidly running out of suitable books for his age that are nevertheless challenging enough to keep his interest. I greatly enjoyed the Dragonriders books when I was younger and wanted your opinion on whether they (or any of your other works beyond the ones clearly intended for juveniles, such as the Sassinak series) would be appropriate.

And Anne responded:

The Harper Hall Series as well as A Gift of Dragons and the Acorna series, written with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, are all aimed at the young adult reading group. I’m sure your son has found Rowling’s Harry Potter series. I just got my copy of the latest and am enjoying it. It also amuses me that the Smallest Dragonboy is included in a 7th Grade Reading book. (I always hated the selections on the reading list, myself, so I grin when I see my own story in that category.) Keep him reading!

Ciao, now,
Anne McCaffrey

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Kind Wishes from Annette

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Jul 092007

Annette wrote:

Dear Anne McCaffrey,

May I thank you for all the books you have written, thay have given so much pleasure to so many people.

I am so pleased that you son Todd is also writing books about Pern – so my collection will continue growing. I wish him all the best.

I hope your black eyes have gone now. I ended up in hospital too when my 10 month old nephew knocked me out with a frying pan (his favourite toy) and was called Panda for ca. 5 years at work.

Best wishes and again thank you, thank you, from Annette

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On Dragon*Con

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Jul 052007

Linda writes:

I was very sadden to see that Ms. McCaffrey will not be making Dragon*Con this year! I have enjoy meeting her the last two times she was able to come since she was and is the main reason I always went. I hope she is well and hope to see her next year!

Thank you,

Anne responded:

My gp didn’t condone the stress of travel involved in going to Dragoncon this year. I had a series of minor infections that did require me to be hospitalized (where the food is abominable, even if one had enough appetite to eat it).

I’m allowed to go to Eurocon as it is being held in Copenhagen, a mere two-hour flight. I am very upset that I can’t make Dragoncon as usual and will do my best to remain healthy until next August.

Please thank her for her continued interest in the convention which is one of the best held in the States. My son, Todd, will be present as he is as fond of the gathering as anyone else. Ciao fer now, Anne McCaffrey

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A Letter from Tami

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Jul 052007

Tami wrote:

Madame McCaffrey:

I am just writing this to say thank you. Your hard work through out the years has been a joy for me. I started reading your books when I was in fourth grade and I continue to enjoy your books and now your son’s writings also!

We also get your books on tape so that my husband who has a learning problem can enjoy them- how ever at the present time we have only 3 and he is a tiny bit tired of hearing the same ones repeated! I am going to buy some more next month so he will have something new to look forward to. I am a candlemaker and should love to send you a dragon if I knew 3 things: an address to send it to- your favorite color and your favorite scent. If you had more than one favorite color and scent- I would be honored to send you more than one dragon! At no charge-Just to say thank you for every moment of enjoyment you have given me with Acorna-The dragonriders, the books you have co authored with others, the love stories you have written- and the tiny bit of your life that I have been privy to glimpse in your Author’s notes! I have bought most if not all your books and now your son Todd’s books as well Thank you once again!

And Anne responded:

Thank you for your very nice letter and the offer of dragon candles. I love the purple one who should be flavored with lavender, of course. I have a lot of lavender growing in my garden, near my roses who like lavender. I also like green and citrus… but I have to warn you that the problem with candles here in Ireland I that we have to use them when the electricity goes off, which it is liable to do at any time. I do have some mammoth searchlights for most occasions but often, I can remember where I stashed the candles first. But I thank you for your offer and accept it immediately, with gratitude. I have quite a few pieces of dragon art about the house and it’s always nice to point out a new one.

Brilliance Audio is the main recorder of my works. They have done some marvelous recordings of both my work and other authors’. They do send release notices and have a catalog.

Audio books are such a blessing when the eyes go dim, and the hearing. All the best to you and your family,


Anne McCaffrey

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