Jul 262007

Patrick wrote:

My oldest son is 10 years old, a voracious reader, and is reading at a high school level already. We are rapidly running out of suitable books for his age that are nevertheless challenging enough to keep his interest. I greatly enjoyed the Dragonriders books when I was younger and wanted your opinion on whether they (or any of your other works beyond the ones clearly intended for juveniles, such as the Sassinak series) would be appropriate.

And Anne responded:

The Harper Hall Series as well as A Gift of Dragons and the Acorna series, written with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, are all aimed at the young adult reading group. I’m sure your son has found Rowling’s Harry Potter series. I just got my copy of the latest and am enjoying it. It also amuses me that the Smallest Dragonboy is included in a 7th Grade Reading book. (I always hated the selections on the reading list, myself, so I grin when I see my own story in that category.) Keep him reading!

Ciao, now,
Anne McCaffrey

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