Jul 052007

Linda writes:

I was very sadden to see that Ms. McCaffrey will not be making Dragon*Con this year! I have enjoy meeting her the last two times she was able to come since she was and is the main reason I always went. I hope she is well and hope to see her next year!

Thank you,

Anne responded:

My gp didn’t condone the stress of travel involved in going to Dragoncon this year. I had a series of minor infections that did require me to be hospitalized (where the food is abominable, even if one had enough appetite to eat it).

I’m allowed to go to Eurocon as it is being held in Copenhagen, a mere two-hour flight. I am very upset that I can’t make Dragoncon as usual and will do my best to remain healthy until next August.

Please thank her for her continued interest in the convention which is one of the best held in the States. My son, Todd, will be present as he is as fond of the gathering as anyone else. Ciao fer now, Anne McCaffrey

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