Sep 252007

Most of you already know that you can request a bookplate signed by Anne, since sending books through the mail to be signed can be so very perilous. However, we’ve received many requests that don’t give us quite enough information, so here’s a handy-dandy guide to bookplate requesting!

In order to request a signed bookplate…

At this time there’s no need to send money or stamped envelopes, but for those who have offered to do so — thank you for the consideration! Please note: Sending correspondence of any other sort with your address may delay your bookplate, or the additional correspondence, or confuse the process entirely. Please keep your bookplate requests separate from anything else, and only include the pertinent information. We really appreciate it!

And… that’s it! We will do our best to fulfill the requests you send in, but please remember that we receive a large number of requests every day, and we may need to limit the bookplates we send out. Thank you for your understanding, and happy requesting!!

Important Update: We added a post that explains why we are going to be limiting bookplates to 20 per month. Please take a look!

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