As Regarding the Pern Movie

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Oct 222007

We’ve been getting tons and tons of mail asking about the upcoming Pern film. Some of you haven’t seen the press release, which is here, but you have reminded us that there hasn’t been a lot of public discussion about it since then. Everyone (including us) would like to see a movie of the highest quality brought to the screen, as quickly as possible! We have a great deal of faith in Copperheart Entertainment who, at this moment, are in discussions with talent and financiers.

As soon as we can say more, we most definitely will. We promise!

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News from Anne McCaffrey

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Oct 202007

I’m just back from Eurocon where I met with a lot of my fans and friends. Hans van der Boom, aka Master Archivist gave me a copy of his book for the 40th anniversary of subjecting the world to Pern. It’s called 40 Years of Pern and can be ordered on demand. It’s very well done with pictures and comments by friends and fans. I love the one from Col. Pamela Melroy — it shows her with my book in free fall.

My biography will be out soon, from Louisiana University Press… Living with Dragons (which is appropriate) by Robin Roberts.

But the book I want touted is the autobiography by Janis Ian which I have just read in manuscript and it’s amazing. She writes like she sings… all heart and voice. A remarkable account of how she survived in the record business and from the public reaction to Society’s Child which she wrote at 14. I mean, especially if you know someone who is having the usual teenage confusion about sexual orientation — it is a remarkable tale. I don’t go around much touting books but this one is so exceptional I think all will be glad to read it. I want it on the NY Times Best Seller list. I just want everyone to know how exceptionally good it is!


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McCaffrey Quest Trivia Challenge 2007

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Oct 172007

Cheryl sends us the following:

McCaffrey Quest, an annual trivia challenge sponsored by A Meeting of Minds message board, is going to be held from Nov 9th-11th. The topic this year is Early Pern and Tower & Hive.

Prizes are available for the top 10% of entrants, and the grand prize winner will have a choice between a couple books signed by Anne!

For more details and to enter the contest visit the McCaffrey Quest forum on Meeting of Minds.

Thanks, Cheryl!

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