Jan 312008

The response to our signed bookplates offer has been amazing! Thank you for your many, many kind emails and considerate requests.

Unfortunately, as some of you already know, we have been unable to send a signed bookplate to every person who requested one. We hope you all understand that Anne’s signing stamina is limited and we are so glad that we could send out as many as we did!

Because the response has been so incredible, we’ve decided to limit the number of bookplates we send out. From now on we’ll send out 20 signed bookplates each month. You may of course continue to send in requests, and we’ll take the first twenty we receive each month and fill them. Thank you for understanding our situation!

Although it was necessary to limit the bookplates we send out, you should know that we’ve been delighted with the excitement and enthusiasm we’ve received from fans over the signed bookplates. You are all decidedly heart-warming, and we love hearing from you. Thank you from Anne and her family (and the rest of us)!

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