Oct 262008

Wysiwyg Books has overhauled its website, and there are quite a few of Anne’s signed first editions available. You can find them here.

Bryan from Wysiwyg let us know that the signed books are in the best possible condition, and all signed or bookplated books are shipped domestically, in a sturdy box, and packed so that they get to their destination in the condition they started out in. International orders are sent in a Global Priority Flat Rate envelope with as much packaging material as will fit inside, and books can be gift-wrapped and sent Express if so desired.

The titles he listed specifically are: All the Weyrs of Pern, First Fall, Pegasus in Flight, Renegades of Pern, Dragonsdawn, Damia, Crystal Line. All are published between 1988 and 1993. He also has reading copies of those seven titles — that is, books in less than perfect condition but still just fine for reading purposes. He mentioned that their store on eBay has a lot of second hand paperbacks to make it easy for fans to do some one-stop shopping for Anne’s work. It’s getting harder to find the good old stuff!

We hope you’ll check them out and find something you like!

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