Cards from Albacon

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Nov 062008

I have received two of the largest GET WELL cards I’ve ever seen, signed by what seems like all the attendees of Albacon… which was very thoughtful of both the guests and the convention.

I shall remark, in passing on such thanks, that Ireland, at least my part, is being gradually covered by some of the biggest snow-flakes I ever remember seeing – which means it won’t be a long snow but it is even beginning to stay on the grass without melting away. Some of it might just stay… which would be fun after so much rain. But you’d know what that would mean even in America, timid drivers doing all the wrong things and causing havoc and accidents on the road. I shall stay safely in my house, attend to my mail and peruse the 1st delivery of books Amazon.con sent me. And I have had Todd’s latest to bemuse me as well… Dragonheart.

The snow is now covering the rambler roses on the arcade outside my office window and falling with implacable insistence on remaining for a while. I was browsing through the LL Bean catalog and it offered snow paddles of plastic which would have been fun to try using right now. But then, it’s fun to watch without getting frozen toes and fingers, parched lips and wet clothing. I hate standing about in wet, cold clothing.

I can only hope that some of the lovely and considerate persons who signed my get well cards will have a snow they can use. Here comes my black cat, Maggie, and she is suitably showing off her snow coat while trying to lick off the flakes, which are still cold and make her shake her head with irritation. I told her she couldn’t catch snowflakes but she’s been trying.

All the best to you and thank you for passing on such inspiring notes of people who did notice the cat.



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