A Letter from Rick

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Nov 042011

Dear Ms. McCaffrey:

For many years I have enjoyed your books. I have lived among the dragons and the crystal – both in my mind and in reality – though your worlds have ways of making this world more bearable. Through your books you have been an inspiration for my continued writing efforts. While my s.f. has had few sale, many of my other writings have. I know this is just another fan letter among hordes, but if this note happens to come to your attention, please know that you have made a difference. I only hope that someone, someday, will say the same of my writing.


Rick Meehan

Thank you, Rick!

All the best,


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Brainship Question

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Nov 042011

Hello, could you please tell me the chronological order of the brainship series, every website that I go to seems to be different from each other. thank you very much for your time.

Dan Crocker

Oh, Dan!

My memory’s not so good and those stories were written a loonng time ago.

I’m told that Wikipedia has a listing — and they usually get things right.

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Nov 042011

As a fan of your work, specifically the Rowan series, I’ve always wanted to ask if all your books would ever be available as eBooks. Though I own several of your books in paper back I tend to read on the go a lot and like the ease of ebooks.

Thanks for your time.
Chris S.


I really don’t keep track of that.  That’s something my publishers deal with.



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