Oct 272010

Dear All,

I just got off the phone with Bill Fawcett, the multi-talented.  On behalf of Dragon*con, he invited me to attend next year’s convention — their 25th!

It turns out that he, Todd, and Gigi have all been working together quietly to see if this would be something that I’d like and if it were possible, from a health standpoint (after all, I’ll be 85 by then!).   And while no one can guarantee the future, they all agreed that with precautions, I should be fine — particularly as Gigi will accompany me on the flights there and back.

So, health permitting, I’ll be at Dragon*con 2011.  I apologize that I won’t be able to do nearly as many appearances as I’d like (oh, to be even 20 years younger!) but I can’t think of a convention I’d rather attend in my 85th year!


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