Anne’s Family


Alec Johnson
Alec is my eldest son, father of my two eldest grandchildren,
Eliza and Amelia Johnson.

Todd J. McCaffrey
Todd is my second son. He lives in Los Angeles. After a long stint in programming, he’s moved full time into writing. He’s written Dragonholder, Dragonsblood, and collaborated with me on Dragon’s Kin. He and I are collaborating on two more books which are forthcoming. He is also the father of my third grandchild, Ceara Rose McCaffrey.

Georgeanne “Gigi” Kennedy
Gigi is my youngest child and only daughter. She lives down the road from me in Ireland with her charming husband, Geoff, and my youngest grandchild, Owen Thomas Kennedy. Gigi keeps me sane and focused at various critical points during the writing process and I’m indebted to her.

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