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Below are a list of links to external websites where fans can go to play various roleplaying games associated with the Worlds of Anne McCaffrey. For more information, please check the FAQ or contact us via this link.

All Fan Websites listed here have met the minimum requirements necessary for inclusion on the Worlds of Anne McCaffrey Fan Links page. To request that your site be included, read Anne’s Rules thoroughly; if your site follows all the guidelines, email us here.

If a link is incorrect, please email us with the name of your group and its current URL.

Online Group Websites
(Live RP, fanzine, PBeM)
Established / Approved prior to 11/96 changes excluding live RP:
Iayla Weyr
StarRise Weyr

Offline Group Websites
Dragonriders of Pern, A Fantasy Fiction Writing Club

MOOs, MUSHs, etc.
Harper’s Tale MOO
PernWorld MUSH

Message Boards & Resource Sites
(for general fandom and fannish discussion)
Sariel’s Guide to Pern
The Many Works of Anne McCaffrey
The Pern Museum & Archives
Social / Political Aspects of Pern
General Pern Resources
Pern News and Fandom
The Crystal Singer Continuum
A Meeting of Minds
Anne McCaffrey Fans
Pern Alliance
Pernese Friends
Pernese Herbal (r)

PBeM Group Websites
Aasulia Weyr
Cibryen Weyr
Dark Cove Weyr
Dark Fort Weyr
Dawnsisters Weyr
Evening Mist Weyr
Evergen Weyr
Free Falling Weyr
Golden Shards
HopeHaven Weyr
Icefire Weyr
Kadanzer Weyr
Mountain Song Weyr
Ocean Ista Weyr
Rocky Crater Weyrhold
ShadowRidge Weyr
Silent Echoes Weyr
Southern Alliance
Stone Depths Weyr
Storm Fires Weyr & Rising Dawn Weyr
Tenth Pass Pern
The Triad Weyrs
White Sands Weyr
Yung Weyr

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