Anne McCaffrey: “You done me and my dragons real proud”

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Apr 082014

Back in 1967, John W. Campbell of Analog, published Weyr Search which went on to become the first part of Dragonflight.

He chose artist John Schoenherr to do both the cover and interior illustrations. He also did the cover for the first part of Dragonrider and all the interior illustrations for both parts.

I was thrilled when John’s son, Ian, contacted me to ask if he could post Mum’s letter up on John’s memorial website.

You can see it and some of the magnificent illustrations here.

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Anne McCaffrey Transworld Covers

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Apr 052013

Transworld (Mum’s UK publisher) has a nice photomontage of their current crop of her covers.   (Click on the image to go to their website.)


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Anne McCaffrey eBooks

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Apr 052013

Good news!  At least for those in the UK and the Commonwealth.  Here is a list of the eBooks available from Transworld (Mum’s UK publisher).  For more information on the many books of hers (and mine) that they publish, click on the list to be transported to Transworld’s website.


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Mar 202013

Anne McCaffrey became a major quilter in the last years of her life. Naturally, still hoping to do many more quilts, she had amassed a huge backlog of material which remained after she passed away.

We’re very pleased that we managed to find a home for all the materials. The Irish Countrywoman’s Association (ICA) took the material and, in short order, produced a magnificent quilt.

Anne’s great friend, Maureen Beirne, arranged for Gigi to see the finished quilt and to meet the three ladies who made it. The pattern used here is a Jacob’s Ladder.

Here are some photos:

Quilters Rita Conalty (left) and Terry Newsome (right).

Quilt made by Ladies of the ICA, Mary Kavanagh to left

Quilt from Mum’s fabrics.

Another view of the quilt.

We’re very grateful to the ladies of the ICA and particularly to Maureen Beirne for all their efforts.

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