From a devoted reader

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Apr 262011

Dear Anne McCaffrey,

About 25 years ago, I discovered your book, The Harper Hall of Pern, when I was sixteen. Your beautiful writing entranced me and after all these years I still haven’t forgotten Menolly and her story. I recently introduced the book to my own sixteen year old daughter who loves it. I’ve read your other Pern books since and have enjoyed them all. I realized recently that out of all the books I’ve read in my life, and specifically all the science fiction and fantasy books, your stories have impacted my writing the most. You have a distinct way of pulling your readers into your fantasy world, and making us care about the characters. I’ve completed a few fantasy novels of my own and hope to be published one day. I just want to thank you for planting the seed.

If you have any advice for a new writer who wishes to become published, I’d welcome your thoughts. I hope I’m not being too forward in saying this, but I’d love to share my writing with you and see what you think. I hope to one day meet you in person. I wish you well and hope you are recovering from your surgeries.

All the best and with love,
Loretta Torossian
New York, NY


I’ve been asked this so many times I never have the same answer anymore!

First — keep reading. Writers are readers. Writers are also people who can’t not write.

Second, follow Heinlein’s rules for getting published:

1. Write it.
2. Finish it.
3. Send it out.
4. Keep sending it out until someone sends you a check.

There are variations on that, but that’s basically what works.


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Question from Tom – Freedom Series

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Apr 262011

will there be more books to this fantastic series? seems like they were left off in limbo.


Tom, I’m glad you liked the series but I really think I’ve said all I want to say in that universe.

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Additional news from Steve Hoban of Copperheart

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Apr 132011

Steve says:

David [Hayter]’s wife, Marisa Cody, just said the following, “You can tell them that not only am I a fan, but I lived those books when I was growing up. I read them so many times, they were falling apart.”

That means she has good taste and has a lot of company. It also means David will have extra pressure to do a great job from a fan point of view.

As you can see, we really made sure Pern is in good hands!

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The Dragonriders of Pern to be adapted for the big screen!

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Apr 122011

I know everyone has been waiting and asking for a long while to see what’s going to happen with Pern and film.

Today, Copperheart made a major announcement and I couldn’t be more pleased.

David Hayter, of X-Men fame (among many other films) has signed on to write the screenplay and Don Murphy, who has worked on many films including Splice and Transformers, has signed on as an executive producer.

For full details, click here.

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Dragon*con 2011

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Oct 272010

Dear All,

I just got off the phone with Bill Fawcett, the multi-talented.  On behalf of Dragon*con, he invited me to attend next year’s convention — their 25th!

It turns out that he, Todd, and Gigi have all been working together quietly to see if this would be something that I’d like and if it were possible, from a health standpoint (after all, I’ll be 85 by then!).   And while no one can guarantee the future, they all agreed that with precautions, I should be fine — particularly as Gigi will accompany me on the flights there and back.

So, health permitting, I’ll be at Dragon*con 2011.  I apologize that I won’t be able to do nearly as many appearances as I’d like (oh, to be even 20 years younger!) but I can’t think of a convention I’d rather attend in my 85th year!


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A Letter From Anne

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Dec 172009

Dear All,

I think we can all say that 2009 was a tough year all around. Many notable and much-loved people have left us forever, including Charles N. Brown, the marvelous founder of Locus Magazine, David Eddings, Barbara Bova, and many more. In October my ex-husband, Horace Wright Johnson, succumbed to cancer. Although we’ve been divorced for nearly forty years, the news still came as a sad shock. Fortunately, both my boys, Alec and Todd, were able to be with him shortly before he passed away, as was my granddaughter, Ceara, who met him for the first and last time.

It was also tough year economically for all. Writers are not immune but, through good fortune (and the loyalty of my fans!), we’ve pulled through.

It’s been a tough year for me, too. I particularly disliked having to cancel my plan to travel to the Writers of the Future Awards in August but my hips and knees were causing me too much discomfort. Things, as they often do, got worse and in November I went into hospital because my hip had locked up twice in the space of a week.

The doctors had me, at first, in a huge brace to keep the hip from dislocating but it was unbearable and they decided, with some concern about my age, to operate and rebuild the hip. That operation went well but there were complications (at my tender age of eighty-three, there often are) which they dealt with quickly and then, with my blessing, they replaced my old bum knee, too! And so now I’m not only bionic Annie but re-bionic Annie! I’m still in physiotherapy and it will be a while before I get all the parts moving in the right direction again but there’s a chance, when the dust all settles, that I’ll be fully ambulatory — although I might need a walker for a bit. So.. knock on wood, I’m still a going concern!

As for writing this year, sadly, that takes energy and I just don’t have as much of it as I’d like. However, I’d been reading Todd’s latest — Dragongirl — and I really liked what he was doing with it. So I suggested that perhaps we collaborate on the sequel, Dragonrider. I didn’t have to push too hard nor did he find me a great imposition as my role was mainly one of making suggestions or being a sounding board but even that much was a lot of fun and, I might humbly say, I think the result was well worth the effort. So much so that we moved on to the sequel to *that* — Dragon’s Time — as well and Todd tells me he’ll have the second draft of that to me shortly. And, of course, Annie Scarborough and I have been continuing work together — “Catalyst: A Tale of Barque Cats” will come out from Del Rey in hardcover just at the beginning of the new year. So, while I would dearly love to have the energy to tell a tale all on my own, I really cannot say that I am not ably represented with my collaborations. I grew up in the Great Depression, and I know that for some the hardships of these times seem far worse but I assure you that it will all pass. Hang on, there’s lots worth waiting for!

Ciao, Annie

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Free Changelings eBook at Suvudu

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Sep 232009

If you’ve been looking for digital versions of Anne’s books, you’ll be pleased to know that Random House / Del Rey have added The Changelings: Book One of the Twins of Petaybee to their Suvudu Free Library program. It’s currently available as a free download for PDF, Sony Reader, Amazon Kindle, or BN eBook editions. It’s also available on Scribd, right here. These may only be free for a limited time, so stop by and get your copy while you can!

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Exciting News from March

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Mar 102009

I have some marvelous news that I’m just busting to tell folks! My son Todd’s daughter, Ceara (ERGO one of my granddaughters), won a Scholastic Golden Key for the story she submitted to a Christmas competition. She used my computer to do the final draft. I did read it, but as I have no idea of the criteria by which it was judged I couldn’t say more than that it was well done!

That’s three generations of my family that have made it as writers. I’m sure Ceara Rose will go on with writing. Certainly she reads almost as much as I do. But I couldn’t be prouder of her at 14. I think I tried to win one of those Scholastic contests but she has had a firmer foundation, and has a splendid verbal base. It has certainly been marvelous that Todd does so well in S-f but for his daughter to start challenging us is even more marvelous!

Ciao, Annie

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Many Happy Returns

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Jan 022009

I’ve had a marvelous Christmas, with both Alec and Todd here at the celebratory weekend. They each brought a daughter a-piece… So it’s been quite a reunion, since Gigi and my grandson, Owen, already live here in Ireland, not far from me. Many Happy Returns for me.

I’ve had many Christmas cards from fans so let me take this opportunity to thank all of you for your good wishes and to wish the same to you. This is the Chinese year of the Ox… I don’t think they get on all that well with sleepy Fire Tigers like me but I’ll respect them if they charge by me.

I would also like to take this occasion to recommend Robin McKinley’s latest book, titled Chalice… It is an amazing story as well as a beautiful one. All of her books are certainly fine but this one is unusually so.

All the best for 2009… Which we all of us need.

Ciao, Anne McCaffrey, Grand Master 2005!

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Sunset’s Gold from Opland & Freeman

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Dec 242008

Anne McCaffrey, Tania Opland and Mike Freeman are delighted to announce the CD release of their second collaboration! The long awaited “Sunset’s Gold” features music from the writings of Menolly and is a fitting partner to the hugely popular “The Masterharper of Pern” CD and songbook.

The CD will be available for delivery around January 9 2009 and advance orders are already stacking up. For more information or to pre order your copy, please visit Tania and Mike’s online ordering page.

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