Jun 292016

My friends Brittany and Brianna Winner have set up a non-profit, motivate2learn.org. Their mission:We want to everyone to learn to love reading and writing, no matter their obstacles.

We passionately educate about  learning disablities and how to overcome them, promote youth literacy through teaching creative writing, and inspire social inclusion through sharing our personal story.

They’ve started a new fundraiser to fund <em>Dreams 2 Paper</em>, a program dedicated to teach others with learning disabilities how to overcome them through writing.

Their organization is a registered non-profit.  If you can contribute, please do!

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Jun 272016

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be at the Florida Supercon coming up next weekend (1–4 July).

If you’re coming and you need books signed, you can usually find me at the WordFire Press booth.

I look forward to seeing you!

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Jun 272016

Some people get confused about the order of the Third Pass books, including the three “YA” (Young Adult) Second Interval prequels.

So I’ve made a handy-dandy poster which I hand out at conventions:

Third Pass Reading Order

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Jun 232016

From curator Kevin J. Anderson:

Science Fiction is the literature that always set my imagination on fire, sparking my sense of wonder, taking me on adventures into the future, off to the most distant parts of the universe, to alien cultures, and the frontiers of the human mind. I’m curating The Adventure Sci-FI Bundle for StoryBundle that contains fourteen great books guaranteed to set your imagination on fire—for only a little more than a dollar a book.

With StoryBundle, you name your own price for this grab bag of Adventure SF books. For as little as $8 you get the basic bundle of seven titles, and for as little as $16 you get them all. A portion of the money goes to charity—the Challenger Learning Center for Space Science Education—and, other than a small admin percentage, the rest of the earnings is directly divided among the titles.

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