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The Twin Souls Series

The Twin Souls Series

Come to a world where the gods walk.  Come to a world where creatures are so powerful that they require two souls to exist.

The Winner Twins and I have combined to create McCaffrey-Winner.

One of our first creations was a gaslamp fantasy world including dragons, wyverns, airships, mechanical men, magic, and mayhem — the world of The Twin Souls Series.


Winter Wyvern

“Krea was bored and when she was bored bad things always followed.”  

So begins the first story in a gaslamp fantasy world including dragons, wyverns, airships, mechanical men, and magic.

Follow Krea on her journey to a meeting with a dying wyvern, an impossible choice, and a thrilling results.


Cloud Conqueror

Captain Ford was given an opportunity he couldn’t refuse: the first airship ever to conquer the clouds.  Designed to slay dragons, wyverns, and all other flying beasts. o bring terror from the skies to all of the King’s enemies.

They succeed beyond their wildest dreams — they kill a wyvern on their maiden voyage.

There’s just one problem — they can’t find the body.


Frozen Sky

King Markel is very specific in his orders, “Whatever you do, don’t come back with the crown prince.”

Queen Airivik, has her own demands:  “Whatever you do, don’t come back without the Crown Prince.”

Newly-returned from her maiden voyage, the first ever airship Spite, and her captain, Sir Richard Ford, have been given an impossible choice and a highly dangerous mission.

He and his crew are forced to choose between King and Queen, glory or survival, and loyalty or greed, as they sail to the bitter north to bring back the winter wyvern — dead or alive.

With adventure, witchcraft, romance, meddlesome gods, and danger around every corner, Frozen Sky is the thrilling sequel to Cloud Conqueror, in the Twin Souls Series.


Coming soon!  Iron Air.  

Rabel Zebala (Krea’s father) has a secret — one even his daughter doesn’t know.

More Cool Stuff

More Cool Stuff

I’m getting ready to release my October Newsletter and I’ve been busy working on cover stuff using the marvelous mockups from COVERVAULT.

Because I am so excited with the results, I’ve posted them up in my Cool Stuff section.

Check it out!

The New Dragonholder

The New Dragonholder

I’ve been working on a new release of Dragonholder, the scrapbook of Mum’s life.

I’m getting quite close but still have to place pictures, add captions and get everything just right.

I’ve also added a few sections to bring things up to the end of Mum’s life.

But while I was working on it, I decided to add this very last piece to the book and I wanted to share it with you now:


The Jupiter Game

The Jupiter Game

What happens when we meet aliens?

Will they destroy us?

Greet us with open arms?

Or… something completely different?

The Jupiter Game is a fast-paced, high stakes science fiction adventure following more in the footsteps of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy than Murray Leinster’s classic First Contact.

A Close Encounter “of the strangest kind” with aliens who go “Oops.”

“The Jupiter Game starts at a gallop  and then picks up speed, as Todd McCaffrey  further enhances the family name.”

    Mike Resnick,  Hugo and Nebula Award Winning Author

“THE JUPITER GAME is a riveting tale of physical as well as intellectual adventure, that takes readers from the edge of our solar system to the depths of the human heart and then to the farthest reaches of the galaxy.”

D.J. Butler, author of WITCHY EYE
Available at