Apr 292004

Dear Todd,

At long last I’m able to write to you. Eros died, I have a new computer now, Horis.

I read the book that you wrote with your mum, just loved it, but I was really cranky
at that RUDE Dragon Rider, and was really surprised at the end, looking forward to the next one.


Dear Bats,

Eros is dead, long live Horis! I’m sorry to hear about your computer blues. It’s always traumatic for me when I have to break in a new computer.

The rude dragonrider returns in Dragonsblood. Of course, rude dragonriders existed in Dragonquest with some of the Oldtimers but they are not what we usually expect in a dragonrider, do we?

I’m glad you liked the book. I’ve just turned in the revisions to Dragonsblood to my editors, we’ll see how they like them.


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Apr 282004

Mr. McCaffrey,
I am now reading DRAGON’S KIN and I LOVE it… I know you probably get these letters a LOT so I won’t bore you with every little detail I think of, but I cannot WAIT til DRAGON’S BLOOD is out.

Thanks for listening,

Hi Lindsey!

I’m utterly amazed to be called “Mr. McCaffrey”! Please feel free to call me “Todd”.

I’m glad that you like Dragon’s Kin. Mum and I are hoping to get together to write some more books following on from it.

Dragonsblood has been sent to the publishers. If they like it, we’ll probably see it in hardcover early in 2005.


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Apr 272004

Is going out to my editors (US and UK) today.

It’s 141,000+ words and 810 odd manuscript pages.

While I’m waiting to hear what they think of the revision, I’ll be working on several projects I’ve been resolutely avoiding.

— Todd

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Apr 272004


I’m a fan of your mother’s Freedom books but I don’t like Pern.

I was thinking — have you or your mother thought about starting you own TV and film production campany?

The only reason I ask is that you have said on this website how hard it was to get anything made in hollywood and if you had you own company as a lot of people do, you would have a say in how projects like pern are produced as well well as giving first time writers a chance to get their projets made.


Hi Bec!

I’m glad you like Mum’s Freedom books. I think she did a marvelous job with them.

A production company requires $$$$$$$ (not just some $$ but lots of $$$$$$). I don’t have a lot of $$$$$$ but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it. In fact, if you checked around my website, you might notice that I have an amazon.com list of books on producing.

In the meantime, keep reading!


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