Nov 292004

Hi Todd,
I hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving. I read your reply to My. I, too, found Moreta too sad to read more than once. She might enjoy reading Beyond Between in Robert Silverberg’s Legends II anthology. DK sequel, eh?

Any chance we’ll see some more of those bookplates your mum made with Colin Saxton’s depiction of a Proper Pernese Dragon?

Looking forward to that next PTB title too. Just got done reading The Planet Pirates. Space opera SO rocks.

Hi David,

Actually, I think Moreta bears a re-read from time to time. Maybe it’s sort of like the “Kobiyashi Maru” for Pern — what if the ony solution involves your death?

I think that Dragonsblood will read more like Draognflight or Dragonquest than Moreta.

Well, if you like Space Opera, don’t forget David Weber’s Honor Harrington series, Lois Bujold’s Vorkosign Series, Elizabeth Moon’s Heris Serrano series, nor Elizabeth Moon’s new Kylara Vatta series.


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Nov 292004

Hello Todd!

I was wandering is there any chance you or your mum will be visiting any conventions or running any book signings in England? I would love to meet you guys and maybe even get a book signed 😀

Thank You!

Hi Marc!

Mum and I will be at the Glasgow Worldcon next August. I hope you can make it.


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Nov 292004

I have discovered that the UK edition of Dragonsblood is going to be published on 1 April 2005, not, as I was earlier led to believe, simultaneously with the US edition (January 25th, 2005).

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Nov 292004

The US edition of Dragonsdawn states that Wind Blossom is Kitti Ping’s granddaughter. The UK edition of Dragonsdawn states that Wind Blossom is Kitti Ping’s daughter.

Neat, huh? A typo, no more. However, when I was researching for Draognsblood, I picked up a copy of Dragonsdawn while at Dragonhold to use as my reference copy. Naturally, to ensure that Mum had a suitable supply, I took one of the editions of which she had the most — the UK edition — thinking that there was no difference between the two.

Imagine my suprrise when one of my early draft readers (a good friend) told me that Wind Blossom was Kitti Ping’s granddaughter and not her daughter.

This issue was raised with the US publisher and, of course, with Mum whose decision was “I would never have had a three generation separation, Wind Blossom should be Kitti Ping’s daughter.”

When the next edition of the US Dragonsdawn is published, we’re hoping to have that error fixed. In the meantime, for those of you in the US who read Dragonsblood — no, it’s not an error, Wind Blossom really is the daughter of Kitti Ping.

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