Dec 262004

Eh. Haven’t dropped by in a while on account of life and college. XD But I’m just so happy to see that SFBC is taking pre-orders for Dragon’s Blood! ^^
Still writing (as your mother wrote me to!) even if it’s not original stuff at the moment… don’t want to loose the skill.
*glares at non-UK cover of Dragon’s Blood* Yeah… still going to order it.

Hi Kathleen!

I don’t know which cover SFBC is using for Dragonsblood but the Del Rey hardcover is now using the same artwork as the UK.

I’m glad to hear that you’re still writing.


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Dec 262004

I’m surprised you are not a member of the Orange County Space Society…they have a huge member list rangeing from other rocket scientists (no I’m not kidding…:-)!), astronauts and plain folk like me. The current Pres is working on a book on the X15. I loved your first book too BTW and grew up near Oshkosh! Keep up the good work…your style flows very nicely with Anne’s.


Hi Lynn,

I was once a member of the Planetary Society but dropped out many years ago. I’m hoping that Burt Rutan and Virgin Galactic will revive our interest in space.

I’m glad you like my work, thank you!


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Dec 262004

Hi Todd,
I’m not at all computer savvy, but I’ve found something odd when I re-pre-ordered Dragon’s Blood (the Bantam Press UK edition). The link on your website for goes to a place that lists 1 copy of Dragon’s Blood used at 40+GBP. It also displays the US cover. The link on your mum’s site, however, goes to a place listing the book, unrealeased, with a price and shows the UK cover. Yet both places are Is that weird or what?


Hi David,

I think that the links are different. As for the person selling Dragonsblood, when I looked, it seemed to me that the person was planning on buying a US copy, reading it quickly, and then selling it to someone in the UK.

The covers are now the same — the Les Edwards cover — except that the lettering on the UK edition is consistent with the UK series (including the capital P that more resembles the lower-case Greek “pi”).


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Dec 262004

I first read the Pern series when I was in junior high school. (USA) I loved them enough that I reread the entire series each year while in school and once graduating I continued by going to the public library. I am an avid reader and can complete the Pern books in about a month, two if I have a busy schedule. I broke down and decided that obviously I was not going to grow out of my love for the books and decided that I was finally “old” enough to go and buy them. ALL of them! Imaginge the look on the young man faces when I walked up to the counter carrying 18 books (paperback)and purchased them all.! LOL

I actually visited the web site trying to follow my mother’s advice and get in contact with a couple of authors. I am in need of help. I wrote a letter (also due to advice from my mother, you know mothers! LOL) and now am trying to figure out who best to send it to? Mom suggested getting it into the hands of an autor or 2 because in the process of researching books many authors learn things that the average “JOE” has no idea exsists.

However addresses are difficult to come by. Except Dean koontz, there is a mailing address in the back of virtually every book he has written. I know he is the only other author that I own more then 5 book that he has written. I have mailed this letter to him (a couple days agos) and I hope for a response but just in case I intend to continue trying to get my letter to at least 4 other people.

Thanks for taking the time to at least read this and I really hope to hear from you about where I can either email or post this letter I wrote so that I can then receive your advice from there. However I do understand if you are unable to help me, but either way can I get a list of books?



Hi B.K.

I’m glad to hear you’re such an avid fan.

Getting addresses for authors is usually difficult, however any letter care of their publishers will usually get to them. I recommend going that route. Big name authors usually find themselves inundated with letters and cannot read or respond to them all. You might consider trying an author with a smaller following.

The best place to go for a list of Mum’s books is her website. She has an up-to-date list there at


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