Jan 312005

PentaCon, the regional gaming convention in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has asked me to be their Guest of Honor (GoH).

I’m thrilled. I haven’t been to a gaming convention in a long time and never as GoH.

I’m looking forward to it this November.

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Jan 312005

Well, it’s official, we’re going to Aggiecon (my daughter’s coming, too).

And, hey! the Guest of Honor is Nebula-Award winning author Elizabeth Moon. Neat!

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Jan 312005

Dear Todd,

I was delighted to read Dragon’s Kin, and find it as readable, and enjoyable as all the other Pern Books. I was a touch apprehensive when I bought it, but you captured the spirit of Pern brilliantly.
When is Dragon’s Blood being released in Australia?


Dear Karol,

Thank you! Mum and I had fun with Dragon’s Kin and are working on sequels.

Dragonsblood is due to be released by Transworld on 1 April (Mum’s birthday). That’s the UK publication date, hopefully it’ll available at the same time in Australia.


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Jan 312005

Dear Mr. McCaffrey,

I really enjoyed Dragonsblood. I actually couldn’t put it down, and finished it in a day! I admit to being trepidatious, and occasionally thinking I’d maybe caught you on something or other, but you covered all the questions I had, and a few I hadn’t 🙂

I have been reading your mom’s work since I was a kid in the ’70’s, and loving it. A few years back I went as far as trying to get a hold of her earlier works such as Ring of Fear and the Kilternan Legacy (one of my very favorites – it seems so real, it almost feels like she lived it herself.). It was very interesting to see how Ms. McCaffrey’s writing had changed, solidified, and always had that same immediate appeal that sucks you into the story.

Recently it came to me how sorry I would be to lose that world and writer, when Ms. McCaffrey decided to retire. So I am delighted to find you writing of Pern with deep knowledge and understanding but your own, very insightful voice, the draws you into the story so deeply you forget about everything else!

I can’t wait for further installments.



Dear Eelia,

I’m so glad that you liked Dragonsblood. I was hoping people would like it.

Mum’s editor at Del Rey is the one to thank for getting me to write Pern stories. She was just as worried as you about keeping the world of Pern alive when Mum retires.

Right now Mum and I are working on Dragon’s Fire which is another prequel to Dragonsblood (and a sequel to Dragon’s Kin).


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