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I met Gar and Judy very briefly at ConDor last weekend and they mentioned that they had a new book out, as well as having done a stint on staff at the very end of Enterprise.

So I went into the dealer’s room and picked up a copy. That night, I started into it — big mistake! I was up from midnight until 6 a.m.! I finished the book in that one sitting. Then, to make matters worse, I discovered that they had only been at the con for that one day! I couldn’t get it autographed (snif!).

“Freefall” is a great page-turner in the realm of “The Hunt for Red October” and their previous books, “Icefire” and “Quicksilver.”

“Freefall” is the sort of science fiction I love to read.

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Mar 312005

Hi, Todd:

Just thought you would like to know about the Animal Planet’s Dragons special. It was on last night (Sunday 3/20), and I thought it was interesting that the researchers seem to take pages out of Pern’s dragon bible. They had the dragons masticating platinum to get the flame. They also had a great mating flight, not as long as it should have been, but there was something neat about seeing it on screen.


Hi Donna!

Thanks. I heard a lot about the Dragons special from my daughter who managed to see it. Platinum as a catalyst for producing hydrogen makes a lot of sense, so does hydrogen for lift. Rather explosive dragons, all the same. They’re not at all like Pern dragons which have a boron-crystalline bone structure and use phophine gas for their flame.


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Mar 312005

I loved Dragonsblood, and can hardly wait to see what comes next. You have raised a lot of questions in my mind about the watch-whers, and other issues. I can hardly wait to see how you will deal with them in the next book.

The relationship that existed between those in Wind Blossom’s time and Lorana came as a bit of an unexpected but pleasent supprise. However I think it sort of threw a monkey wrench in Wind Blossom’s trying to free future generations of her decendants of what she considered “the curse”. It sort of raises the question “Would all of Pern’s greatest heros and heroines some how find themselves decendants of the same line some where down the road?”

On another note, I was curious if you got to see Animal Planet’s special Sunday night “Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real”?

Their versions of what dragons might have looked like differed somewhat from what I imagine Pern’s Dragons would be like, but it was still impresive. Especially the mating flight clip, with their entwined dive ending in a blast of flame as they skim to safety at the last possible moment.

Here is the site if you would be interested in checking it out. They do have a few clips on it. http;//

Masterharper Bridget
of Dragons Gate Weyr
aka Margaret

Thanks! I’m glad that you liked Dragonsblood and also glad that you’ve got questions about watch-whers.

Actually, Wind Blossom did suceed in freeing future generations from what she saw as “the curse.” Lorana only has an interest in biology, not on overriding obsession.

I don’t think that all the great heroes and heroines of Pern are descended from the same line or even from a mere few lines. I think heroines and heroes are the product more of their time and upbringing than of their genetics.

I don’t get cable, so I didn’t see the Animal Planet special. I’ve heard a lot about it. I’m glad to see that there’s such a huge amount of interest in dragons.


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Mar 312005

I know that you are a creator and not a historian but I wonder could you tell me where “Dragon’s Blood” and “Red Star Rising” fit in the time line?
Secondarily – After reading some of the letters to you – I find that there is a volume titled “Dragonholder” of which I have never before heard. Synopsis (or someplace I could find one) please?

Thanks again for working with your Mother, and continuing her wonderful creation of Pern.


Hi Beth,

“Red Star Rising”, known in the States as “Dragonseye” takes place in the Second Pass, while Dragonsblood takes place at the beginning of the Third Pass.

“Dragonholder” is a non-fiction book, like a scrapbook about Mum and how she came to create the dragons and Pern. Sadly, it’s out of print and is only available used.


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