Apr 262005

Hey, todd!

I was wandering around your site (looking for the link to that pegasus t-shirt place that I found here before) and I read your comments about “The Vatican Rag,” etc. My father had a copy of “That Was the Year that Was,” and my siblings and I nearly wore it out playing it when we were kids. I must admit that “Vatican Rag” remains my favorite (and I shared it with the sixth- and seventh-graders whom I taught at Holy Family school), but I also fondly recall the other songs. How wonderful that I am not the only member of my generation who knows about those clever gems!

Hey Novashannon!

They’ve got “That Was the Year that Was” out on CD. I picked it up to share with my choral friends. But better than that, my first wife (that sounds nicer than ‘ex’, I think) found a marvelous web site where someone has made a flash animation of the elements. You can find it here.


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Apr 262005

Aggiecon was a blast. Angel Adams, who was the Weyrfest director second last year, kindly picked me and Ceara up in Austin and drove us to the convention. Susan Martin who was my Guest Relations “slave” (as she called it) last year reprised her role this year and outdid herself.

Ceara (pronounced like Keira Knightly’s first name — they’re variants of the original Irish ‘Ciara’) found a soulmate in Susan’s daughter Kaitlyn. They were inseparable and even managed one of those fabled sleepovers that all kids desire. They also put together an ensemble pair of costumes but, sadly, were too late to enter into the costume contest and out-cuted by a four year-old for Miss Aggiecon. Undeterred, they’ve started planning their outfit and act for next year.

I had a great time and found the Dealer’s Room and Art Show every bit as wonderful as last year. This is a great convention to attend on a budget.

I shared honors with no less than Elizabeth Moon and Michael Moorcock. I’ve known Elizabeth for years now and was delighted to see her again and catch up — although, as always, there was too little time.

It was a marvelous trip. And then, to top it off, Trevor Goodman, who was on Guest Relations, managed to track down Linda Albrittan who penned the marvelous “Anne McCaffrey, myth or legend?” cartoon. Mum has been trying to get into contact with her for ages and now she has an email address!

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Apr 262005

One story line that I would love to read is the last fall. Is such a book forthcoming?

Also, I never thought I would find someone who wrote with the same captivating style and ingenuity when it came to the dragons. You surprised,and greatly surpassed, my expectations. The dragons are in good hands.


Hi Michael!

Mum has thought about writing a last fall story. She cheekily thought it could be called “After the Fall is Over” and usually sings when she does. We’ll have to see what she comes up with.

I’m glad that you like my style! Writing on Pern is challenging, it’s nice to hear that I met the challenge well.


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Apr 262005

Hi Todd,

I just had to write to you to let you know I finally got my copy of Dragonsblood (the bookshop forgot to let me know it was out — arrrgh). However I am now half way through it and WOW WHAT A STORY. Because of the way I read books I see the film in my head my visulisation of words into pictures is very good. I have never before in all the books I have ever read been close to tears over a book and I’m only half way into the book. You have written the most emotional book I have ever got my hands on. Talk about feeling each person in the story. Two words to some up this book: WELL DONE. You have made me so glad you have taken up the mantle of pern. Your first book with your mum was good. This is brilliant.

Thank you

Hi Stewart,

Thanks! There’re more books to come! Right now Mum and I are working on Dragon’s Fire which follows on from Dragon’s Kin. After that we’ll be doing Dragon’s Harp, another Dragon’s Kin sequel. Then I might take a breather and do some of my own books before I dive back into the Dragonsblood sequel.

I’m really glad that you like Dragonsblood!


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