May 252005

I enjoyed your work on the Dragons of Pern. You were faithful to the series while adding new dimensions. You finally explained why the watch-whers were developed and gave more credit to the abilities of the maligned daughter.

Will you be filling in the years of the teleport/telepaths series? I’ve always wondered how they got a planet with green skinned people. Also, a planet with so many telepaths on one world.

Hi Shelley,

Thanks! I’m glad you liked Draognsblood.

I haven’t thought about writing in the Tower and the Hive series. Mum feels that she’s told all the tales she wants to tell there and I can’t think of any that I’d like to tell, either.


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May 252005

Hi Todd,

I just finished reading Dragonsblood. I loved it. I feel you did an exceptional job of making Pern your own, while staying true to the concept. I especially loved the back-filling of details about the original colonists.

I was wondering if there are any plans to “recontact” the culture the colonists left behind now that the Thread threat has been removed. Dragons could conceivably teleport to Earth, or wherever. What would be their place in such a universe?
I would be fascinated to see the clash of cultures.

Thanks for continuing the series.

Hi Kristopher,

Thank you! I’m glad you loved Dragonsblood.

I don’t think you’ll see the sort of expanded universe “recontact” you’re asking about. I think that Pern and the dragons really lose their purpose when exposed to the wider universe (Would dragons flame anything but mindless Thread? Would they even consider it?).


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May 252005

Is there any stories about the girl in the “Girl Who Heard Dragons”? and any more about the “Smallest Dragonboy?”
there should be!!

There’s a fair bit about Aramina in “Renegades of Pern” if my doddering memory serves correctly. And I recall we see a bit of K’vin in one of the later books (was it “All the Weyrs of Pern” or “The Skies of Pern”? I can’t remember). And I think we see some more of Aramina all grown up in “The Dolphins of Pern.” I won’t swear to any of this right now as I’m in the midst of writing another book so I’m alternating between two worlds (this and Second Interval Pern).

— Todd

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May 252005

Dear Todd,

Congratulations on the success of your second book. I just recently got around to reviewing DRAGON’S KIN, at this URL, and thought I would let you know. Please feel free to quote for marketing purposes if you like.

Thanks for keeping Pern alive.

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Dear Joy,

Thanks! And thanks for the review.


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