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I visited your mother at Dragonhold in the summer of 2001. With fondness, I remember sitting at the Kitchen Table, with many of her wonderful cats. She also toured us through the stables and wonderful pastures that you have for the horses. I learned that “Irish horses jump”, and what DIY meant….”Do it yourself”. We share a love of horses. The young sprite that accompanied her (I have forgotten both her mother’s name-the model for Menolly -and hers) brought such laughter to my heart I nearly cried. This young sprite’s synopsis of the dogs actvities was priceless. And, she was stiking the soccer ball as if there was no tomorrow (we visited during the World Cup – even the sheep wore the colors of Ireland – it was wonderful being in a country so involved).

We had a delightful dinner with your mom along with my significant other and daughter. I was the one that asked her autograph your book on the family “The Life and Dreams (So Far) of Anne McCaffrey”. She was pleased that your book was being well received.

Now, to the point of this email…I visited the site after a long absence and realized that there was no way to communicate directly with your mother as there had been in the past. I understand. After 9/11 many things have changed, and your mother is growing older. I respect the need to protect her. Gosh, if it were me…I would want my 3 children to do the same.

At any rate, I am inquiring about the health of your mom and hope that this finds her well. I congratulate her on her recent awards as she deserves every single one, if not more. I only wish the movie industry would pick up on her novels.

When we visited with your mom, we had just returned from visiting St Andrews. We mentioned that my daughter was looking at the school to attend it. Your mom told her that she could spend Thanksgiving at the Kitchen Table if she ended up going there. Well, my daughter did end up going there (this is the end of her first year), but likes the traditions that the “old country” has to offer more than celebrating Thanksgiving. So my apologies for her not making it to the Kitchen Table.

I think your mom played a role in her decision to attend St Andrews. She informed my daughter when we were visiting, that “…it is a hard school to get into.” Well, she made it, loves it, and I wanted your mother to know. I honestly think she had a hand in it!

Please convey our best wishes to your mother. I admire her and enjoy reading and rereading her books. If she would like to contact me, that is fine. In the meantime, I wish you and your family love, happiness, and joy.


Hi Janie,

Actually, there is a way to contact Mum but you have to persevere. She is not answering all her e-mail nowadays as it would completely fill up any time she has for writing.

The young sprite and her mother are doing well, I hope to get back to Ireland myself and see them this year.

I’m glad that your daughter got into St. Andrews and likes it. I’m also glad that you had a chance to visit with Mum at her kitchen table.


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Jul 312005

Dear Todd…

Yes, money is our friend!! However, no one ever wants to do what it takes to get it! But, I’m willing. ‘Tis good to know that your daughter reads manga as well, tell me, do you know what her favorite is? Mine is Dragon Hunter, but that’s pretty much the only one I’ve ever read, save for Dragon Hunter. Though I wasn’t too impressed with Dragon Hunter, too confusing, too..how shall I say this…unusual. I’m buying as many books as I can! (both yours and manga) But, when I’m done, I’m thinking about going on to dragon treasures and anime, maybe some movies too. Oh, about that book, yah, I’ve been a little busy with work and all, but ’tis not over yet!! Hope to hear from you soon!!

Your Drakonic Friend..


Dear Nhorad,

My daughter is reading all sorts of manga (although nothing rated more than “teen” and only after I’ve had a quick glance to make sure that there isn’t anything that might hit her “yuck” button).

Remember that writing the book is only part of the process. You can be thinking about it, too.


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Jul 312005


I have been reading your mother’s books since I was a child (I’m 38). I like many others, live to escape to Pern. Your book Dragonsblood, didn’t miss a beat. I cried when the dragons died, like I have never cried reading a book. I look forward to the Pern legacy never faltering!

Keep it up!



Thank you very much! I’m glad that you liked Dragonsblood. Mum and I are working on Dragon’s Fire right now and have plans for one more collaboration before I return to more solo Pern books.

Again, thanks and I’m glad you liked Dragonsblood.


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Jul 302005

I’ve never written to an author, so this’s a first.

Loved Dragonsblood and how it wrapped up some loose ends. My jaw was hanging wide open, literally, the last half of the book! Am looking forward very much to new Pern books!

Just wanted to drop this tidbit in… I started reading the Pern books in the sixth grade and after devouring them all, moved on to Anne’s other universes. I discovered the Talents, and being a typical kid drooled over the silver locks Rhyssa, Damia, and Damia’s children all have. I wanted one of my own so I could identify with them! Although, I never did dare assume I had any vestige of Talent.

Then I actually started sprouting some white hairs! nearly ten years later, as a 22-year-old, I have my own thick chunk of natural white hair at the top of my head, near the bangs area. Quite odd, since I’m very much a brunette and none of my family exhibits any gray til past 50.

Wouldn’t it be amusing if reading Anne’s Talent books had actually helped me LOOK like Damia (as on the paperback’s cover)??

Just thought I’d mention that as a daily dose of bizarre and amusing.

Dear Tara,

I’m glad you liked Dragonsblood. Mum and I are currently working on Dragon’s Fire which follows on from Dragon’s Kin.

Hmm, are you sure you’re not a Talent? I mean, didn’t your hair change color the way you wanted?


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