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Aug 182005

Hello Todd,

Really enjoyed Dragonsblood – very much in the tone of your mother’s books. However, I found one small error – you referred to Wind Blossom as Kitty Pings’ daughter, yet in the novel Dragonsdawn, Kitty Ping is written as Wind Blossoms’ grandmother. Other than that, the mystery as to why the fire lizards disapperance from Pernese possession and literature is very well explained. Hope to read more of Pern from you in the future!


Hi Cheryl,

I’m glad you liked Dragonsblood. As for Wind Blossom, she is Kitti Ping’s daughter. The US edition of Dragonsdawn is in error in referring to her as a granddaughter, the UK edition correctly has her as Kitti Ping’s daughter. When Dragonsdawn goes back to print, that error will be fixed (and all the older versions will become collectors’ items).


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Aug 182005

Have enjoyed your Dragon Books that you and your mother wrote and am looking forward to the next that you or she produce. Need to visit my local book store and fill in a few missing hardbacks (that got loaned and never returned, oh well)

But I have a question, some time ago you stated that you were working on a screenplay of your mother’s works, I know most of us have been waiting for about 5-10 years after the original announcement that it would hit the big screen. Without giving away any real detail was wondering if it is still in the works and possible date for shooting or release?

Thank you so much.

Hi Walt,

I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed Mum’s books and now mine! Thanks!

As for a film based on one of Mum’s books, it’s certainly something we all hope for. Dragonflight has been optioned several times in the past twenty years and will probably be optioned again. Cross your fingers!


P.S.: I’ll be happy to send you on a bookplate.

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Aug 182005

I would like info on how someone would get intough with your mum about how she got started and how she got an agent to read her first work?

How does one go about getting someone like your mum to read someone else’s work, to see if it is any good. How do you get the publishers to read some ones work. I’m not a writer but my Sister is but she is having a lot of problems getting someone like Del Rey Books to even look at her work. The people who have read her work think it is very, very good but she can not get the publishing houses to read her work, (she writes Science Fiction Works) like your mum, so how does she get someone to read her work and maybe publish it like they do your mum’s? Can you help me in this?

Thank you for your time in this area.

P.S. If you or your mum would like to read some of her work please e-mail me at slweddel@tampabay.rr.com and I will be happy to send you copies of her work!!! Please E-mail if you can…thanks again


My advice is for your sister to look at “The Writer’s Market 2005.” In it she’ll get a lot of detail, including a list of agents who are looking to represent new writers. I also suggest checking out robynschneider.com. Robyn is a talent 19 year-old writer who has blogged her (successful) efforts to get published, including her query letters and responses.


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Aug 182005

Oh yeah…reading the Letter from Devin, I realized that there are some very heroic blue riders. K’lon and Rogeth, and M’barak and Arith in “Moreta” immediately came to mind. They were just as valiant and essential as Moreta in helping eradicate the Plague.


Yes, indeed!

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