Letter from Debra

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Apr 162006

I really enjoyed your first two books in the world of Pern. I hope you and your mother continue for a very long time. I love her books, all of them, not just the Pern series. I do have one question – how did Nuella start out with Nuelsk, a green watch-wher in Dragon’s Kin, and end up with a gold one in Dragon’s Blood?

Hi Debra!

Good question! One which I’ll answer in another book! It was fortunate that our writing Dragon’s Kin occurred before I finished Dragonsblood, giving me a chance to set up that little surprise.


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Letter (3rd) from Gail

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Apr 162006

Dear Todd,

Yep, it’s me again, third time today. I just finished Dragonsblood. Took me about 14 hours, with very few breaks. You might say it held me in THRALL. Todd, that book is INCREDIBLE.

I know most of the Pern novels practically by heart I read them so often, and always in order (you can tell your mother), usually when there’s a new one I start from the beginning all over again.

I find your writng distinctly different from your mother’s, which is a good thing, as I feel no need to compare. I feel confident that I am going to enjoy your Pern stories just as much.

I would like to mention that I also like your subtle references to unexplained things in your mother’s books. Such as D’gan’s son ending up in that rock. And all those millennia later, when Lessa tells of finding that boy and his dragon, while disciplining a reckless weyrling.

I can hardly wait for the next one, I’ve got my order in already.


Hi Gail!

Wow! Thanks! (No, really!)

And I’m glad you caught the bit about poor D’lin.

Dragon’s Fire has been turned in, you should be able to pick it up sometime in August, maybe earlier.


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Letter (2nd) from Gail

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Apr 162006

Hi Todd

I wrote earlier today about Kitti and Wind Blossom. Now I want to tell you that as I get deeper and deeper into Dragonsblood I become more and more in awe of you and what you have done. This book, jumping back and forth, dealing with the time jumping and all..I have not been able to put it down. It’s amazing the way you ahve tied certain things up, it’s clear you understand Pern…. (it’s the cats complaining of hunger that has roused me)

Well, Lorana and Kindan, with B’nik on Caranth are about to meet K’lior at Fort Weyr, so I’d better get back. Mostly this book has me weeping, but there have been some chuckles.

I am really impressed, and I thank the Powers That Be that you were born to carry on your mother’s world of Pern!

By the way, my collection is half paperback half first editions. Many of my hardcovers are missing their paper covers. Is there anyway to get replacements?


Hi Gail,

I’ve got a cat on my lap at this very moment!

I’m glad to hear that you like Dragonsblood.

As for hardcovers, I don’t know of any way to get replacement covers (I tend to lose mine all the time), except for maybe buying replacements (there’s always a brisk trade in used and collectible books).


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Letter from Robin

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Apr 162006

Hi Todd,

I have been a devoted reader of your mother’s works for decades and I think it is wonderful that you are continuing the Pern saga. I have completely enjoyed your contributions to the history of Pern. I have found them to be as intriguing and thought provoking as your Mum’s. I found your joint novel to be a nearly seamless collabration that allowed me to focus on the story and not who wrote what. As a reader, I do not like anything that interferes with the story, else why read it? Again, thanks for the (dragon) ride so far and I am looking forward to your future narratives.

Hi Robin,

I’m glad that you liked Dragon’s Kin — and that you couldn’t spot the seams! We’ve got Dragon’s Fire coming out this summer and hope to have Dragon’s Heart finished in time to for next year.


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