Dragon’s Harp and Dragonstime

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Nov 172006

The first draft of Dragon’s Harp (was Dragon’s Heart) was sent out yesterday to the editors in both the US and the UK.

Also yesterday, I started Dragonstime which is the first sequel to Dragonsblood.

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Writers for Relief

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Nov 122006

Davey Beauchamp is putting together Writers for Relief Volume 2 with proceeds going to the Bay Area Food Banks (Volume 1’s proceeds go to the Red Cross’ Katrina Fund).

I am donating “Tree” which is a short story that I, my mother, and my ex-wife, Jenna, all feel is a great story and we’re glad that it will be in a place to be read while doing such great work.

Currently Davey is looking for more authors to fill out the roster and then he’ll find a publisher. I’ll keep you posted with more news as I know it.

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Nov 122006

This is the letter I sent to the Programming Director of Orycon:

I am going to miss Orycon this year. I discovered an opportunity to
make a huge difference in the world and it requires that I be available
on the weekend of Orycon.

When I weighed everything up, I realized that I serve you and everyone up in Porfis — all the people I’ve known and come to love over nearly 20 years of irregular attendance — better by doing this than by being with you all for the weekend. That doesn’t mean that I don’t wish it could be otherwise or that I didn’t examine every possible alternative before coming to this conclusion.

If there’s any way I can support you, the committee, and the attendees in having the greatest Orycon ever, please let me know.

Todd McCaffrey

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