Month: November 2007



Jan Howard Finder, who is “Finder” in Mum’s books and has begged for a dragon in mine (check out the first chapter of Dragon Harper for more details), has been a long-time fan of everyone. “The Wombat” as he is also known, has an organizing streak a mile long — also known as “Pippin” for his love of all things Ring (as in Lord of the Rings), he organized fan trips to New Zealand to visit the locations where the film was shot.

His latest organization is Albacon08. When he first floated the idea by me, I nearly shot him but, as I say, he’s an old friend and, as we all know, they’re much harder to bury than regular friends, so I decided to let him live and let him off with a caution.

Sadly, Jan is not cautious and so he continued with his nefarious plot, the sum of which is: to bring Anne McCaffrey over to the States for a small convention in Albany, New York — Albacon08.

This is another one of those “health permitting” attendances by Mum. She and I are listed as co-GOH’s (I suspect that was her doing).

Albacons are typically small conventions, on the order of 450 or so. 2008 might be bigger as it’s certainly the only chance of seeing Mum on this side of the Atlantic. So if you’re interested, you should probably book soon (like, now).

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