Question from Paul

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Apr 212008

Dear Mr. McCaffrey,
I have been reading the Dragonrider’s series for the better part of the last 20 years. When I found out you would be taking over for your mother I was extremely pleased because Pern would be continuing, but also because someone would be taking over who has an emotional reason why they would keep with your mother’s original vision. Anyhows, I have a question for you about Dragon’s Fire.

In it, Tenim has a bird of prey called Grief. I am just curious how this is possible, as I remember your mother stating that Terran birds didn’t take root on Pern because of competition from local wildlife and (I think) something about nutrition. I could be wrong, but I was just curious.


Dear Paul,

Not all birds failed to take root. Chickens are present, for example. Doves and pigeons failed to make the cut. But some predator birds, like Tenim’s Grief, did survive and compete with wherries and other indigenous Pern winged beasts.


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Question from Tom

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Apr 212008

I just checked the Dragoncon web site and they indicate that both you and your Mom are attending Dragoncon this year. Is this true? Is she trying to make it again this year?

Last time she came I met both of you and got autographs on your joint book. I even rode in the elevator one time with you and Anne.

I’m hoping to get her to sign my copy of her story “Restoree” which was the first book of hers I read. She hadn’t even started any of her Pern books when I first read it.

Thanks for keeping Pern stories coming.]


Hi Tom,

Yes, it’s true. Of course, as always, it’s “health permitting.” But Mum is certainly fired up and rarin’ to go for Dragon*con.

I wouldn’t be surprised if, to conserve her strength, her doctor orders her to sign no more than one book per fan this year.


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Question from Christine

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Apr 212008

I love you and your mom’s books to much. I cannot wait for “Dragonheart ” to come out. Do you have any idea as to when your mom’s next solo book will come out?


No, I don’t. At 82, Mum’s energy levels are low. Writing a book takes a lot of emotional energy — that’s sometimes much more draining than physical energy.

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Question from Rhonda

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Apr 212008

Hi Todd,

I’m hoping you can help me with something. Do you remember the Ramoth’s Dawn sculpture that Dreams of Dragons did back in 2000? It’s the sculpture of Ramoth hatching from her egg. I have two of them and was thinking of trying to sell one, but I don’t have the faintest idea what they would sell for today. Do you have any idea? I thought perhaps you had run into them at some of the SciFi conventions you’ve visited.

Any help would be appreciated!!!



I’m sorry, I haven’t a clue. I suspect that checking on eBay would give you some idea.


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