Fifty Feet

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Oct 152008

That’s how close the so-called Sesnon fire came to my apartment.

Fortunately, we’re all okay.

The timing was awful, though.  I’d just returned from Albacon and the first message from my cellphone was an offer from a friend to stay at his place — that’s the first I knew that there might be a problem.  I called the friend who was looking after my daughter and was warned that she hadn’t been allowed up to get the cats.  So I raced over, retrieved the cats just as they declared a mandatory evacuation and that was the last I saw of my apartment for the next 36 hours.

I did have a chance to notice that the fire extinguisher outside my apartment had been taken and my next door neighbor explained that it was used to fight the fire.

It could have been worse — I’m getting new neighbors on the other side of my townhouse.  They were burnt out of their place just up the hill.

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Oct 082008

The question’s been asked if there’s an overlap between Dragonsblood and Dragonheart. The answer is a resounding “maybe”, or perhaps, “sort of” (gee, I’ll be you love that sort of clarification!).

While they both start at roughly the same time and Dragonsblood actually ends later than Dragonheart, more time (3 Turns) passes in Dragonheart than in Dragonsblood (about 4 Pernese months and, as you know, Pernese months are all 28 days long).

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Off to Albacon

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Oct 082008

Tomorrow I’m off to Albacon.

As you may know, we were hoping that Mum and I would be co-GoH’s (Guests-of-Honor) but, alas!, it is not to be — she’s having problems with her latest medications and her doctor advised her not to fly.

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