Month: April 2009

New Letter from Sarah

New Letter from Sarah

NOTE: I’m answering this one early off the pile because I think others may have the same question.


I’ve just started reading the Pern books in chronological order. They are really good. I’m just lost as to what order these ones go in in the time line

Dragon’s Kin
Dragon’s Fire
Dragon Harper

Any help would be great. I’ve not been able to find a site that has all of them in order.

Thanks again



You will find the answer here.

I hope that helps!

— Todd

Letter from Linda

Letter from Linda


I just wanted to drop you a line about how much I enjoyed DRAGONHEART. Now all I need to know is…..WHEN IS THE NEXT BOOK COMING OUT?!?! I can’t wait to read what happens next.

You are definitely a gifted writer. I bought the book when it came out. I did not have the time to sit and savor the book until this past week. I am in the process of re-reading it to see what I have missed in the first reading.

By the way, this is Linda from the ALBACON.

Thanks for taking up the Pern Flag!

Hi Linda (from Albacon),

I’m glad you liked Dragonheart. Dragongirl is with the publishers now but I haven’t heard a date from them yet. I’ll put it up on the site when I do.


Letter from Virginia

Letter from Virginia

I needed know that after reading the whole series, back in the 90’s that it was continued. I just completed Dragonheart and could not put it down. It was wonderful.

I am looking to reading your Dragonsblood and the others that I have not read, yet!

I am looking forward to the next book to complement Dragonheart; Fiona’s continued adventures and her Dragon Queen raising for her first mating.

I am glad that Mrs. McCaffrey has a writer so intuitive to the world of Pern.

A loyal reader and continued fan,Fly High and Well!


Dear Virginia,

Thank you! I’m glad that you enjoyed Dragonheart. I’ve got the sequel, Dragongirl, in with the publishers now so hopefully you’ll be able to read it soon.


Letter from Mary

Letter from Mary

Dear Todd,

I have just finished Dragonheart for the second time since buying it a few months ago.

I have been reading about the “Pern” universe ever since I was ten and kept pestering my father to let me read his collection of books. He gave me a book to read that has enthralled me ever since.

It wasn’t just any old book, it was more like reading about a world that was so exciting that it made you feel like you wish you were there!

I am [??] now and I have all (almost)of Anne’s books, my “friends” that I can read over and over and still come out with, “WOW!” I can’t wait for the next one.

Each time I read one I say that’s my favorite, then along comes another and then I just have to say, no hat’s my favorite. They are all my favorites!

Was it Fiona who came back in time to take them to the past?? Or was it a certain friend she left behind? Will she settle back in as a second Weyrwoman? Questions, question!

I eagerly await the next great and favorite story to unfold.

Dear Mary,

Wow, two times! Oooh, you don’t know how authors love to hear such things! Thank you!

You’ll get some of your questions answered in Dragongirl but not all of them as this tale will take a number of books to tell. If you haven’t been keeping with my responses to all the other emails I lost, you might not know that Dragonheart, Dragongirl and the other two sequels are going to answer the big question: How will Pern survive with only a thousand dragons?

I hope you’ll enjoy the answer!


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