May 152010

Will there be any more books after, The Skies of Pern, after the ninth pass?

Mum’s working on After the Fall Is Over (tentative title).

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May 152010

I just ordered dragon’s night mp3.
Will it come out in hardcover, too?
Dec 1 2010, my birthday! So neat!

Dear Pam,

I’m sorry but I think someone, somewhere got confused.

It’s possible that someone reserved the ISBN for a new book/audio and that’s what the fantasticfiction people found.

The next book due out is Dragongirl and, after that, there’s Dragon’s Time but that hasn’t got a release date yet.


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May 152010

Hi Todd!

I met you here at Ad Astra over the weekend. I was with my husband James and our friends Jen and Dave. We played lots of Werewolf with you, and ran into you a couple other times.

At any rate, I just wanted to share that we all agree we TRULY enjoyed meeting you, and we hope to see you again at another Toronto convention.

Also, I just added your fan page to my Facebook. hehe 🙂

Thanks bunches. Take care.

Hi Beverly!

I remember you! I had a blast with Werewolf and I’m glad that you did, too.

It was a pleasure meeting everyone in Toronto, the Ad Astra group are one of the nicest groups of fans I’ve met! I sure hope I can make it back next year.


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May 152010

Hi Todd,

I just wanted to drop a line. Of course I am a huge fan of your mother’s writing, but, I had to write and let you know that I find your talent every bit as intriguing and compelling to read. Of course you each have your own flair & flavor, but both are wonderful! I hve alerted every Anne McCaffrey fan that I know, to encourage them to also run out and buy all of your books as well…so that they know they will not be disappointed in your wonderful writing as well!

I know your mom has published her birth data (birthday, year and city/state as well as her birth time. I am hoping you will also do so.

I am an astrologer of 30 years, mostly I do a lot of research with only a small clientele. One area I have been working on is known authors…finding the many correlations and planetary markers between authors. There is one odd thing I wanted to mention along the lines of Astrology…is your mom’s chart as is quoted in her bio. “Anne McCaffrey was born on April 1st, 1926, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at 1:30 p.m., in the hour of the Sheep, year of the Fire Tiger, sun sign Aries with Taurus rising and Leo mid-heaven (which seems to suggest an early interest in the stars)” Ok, this is impossible…lol. I know it “sounds” right to a lot of people, but she is actually a Leo Rising, Sun sign of Aries and a Taurus Midheaven. For her bio to be correct, the entire zodiac would have to turn backwards, one can NOT have a Leo rising AND a Taurus Midheaven. I can only assume she was told incorrectly…however the interpretation is correct, but it is her Leo rising that indicates an inte
rest in the stars…not to mention the Leo rising also indicates a great success in life thru one’s passion as well as a discipline in utilizing her own innate gifts.

Thank you,

Hi Cheryl,

I was born on April 27th, 1956 in Montclair, New Jersey. I believe the time was 5:30 a.m.

I recall many years ago learning enough about astrology and reading ephemerides (way before there were personal computers) and doing my birth chart. As a writer, it’s often a convenient shorthand to use astrological signs as broad indicators of personality (Fiona, for example is a Leo).


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