Mar 132011

It was a blast. Everyone there was incredibly nice. I met several “keepers” including the echidna-like Danny Birt and the amazing Allegra Torres.

Tony Ruggiero hosted a marvelous “Quick Write” competition which was a blast.

I want to thank Davey Beauchamp, his amazing mom, Therese, Yair Goldberg, and the amazing Brian Sinclair, the convention manager who seems to have a special talent for beguiling mathematics doctoral candidates into his endeavours.

Overall, I’d say that StellarCon is one of those breed of special conventions, like Aggiecon, that draws and builds an ardent, loyal following — and deservedly so!

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Mar 112011

Please join me in extending our condolences to the bereaved, our hopes for the injured, and our sorrow at the great loss of damage and hideous damage that has ocurred in Sendai and the surrounding areas of Japan.

I survived the 6.8 magnitude Northridge quake — this one off Japan was over 100 times more powerful.

I hope that Hawaii and the West Coast will not suffer from the tsunami.

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