Apr 122011

Hi All,

Oh, this is waaayyyy cool!

David Hayter, of X-Men fame, has agreed to come aboard as the screen writer for Dragonflight.

Also, Don Murphy, who has worked both on Splice and Transformers (as well as lots of other stuff) has joined the team as an executive producer.

This is a major milestone in the production of a full-length Pern film.

You can read the Press Release (and more) here.

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Apr 112011

Hi All,

Got back Sunday from Ad Astra in Toronto. I had just as much fun this year as I did last year.

Really, if you haven’t you should seriously consider attending Ad Astra next year. Everyone is incredibly nice (Is it a law in Canada that you have to be nice?) and very polite.

I want to thank everyone, particularly Amy de Ruyte and Roxane Learn (okay, and Heather, Paula, Carl, Chris, Mary-Ellen and all the ConCom for their kindness).

I got to attend the book launch of JM Frey’s book, Triptych which is sitting my bedside (and looking forlornly at me) as I type.

I was thrilled to meet Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon as well as spending time with Eric Flint and the ever-amazing Ed Greenwood.

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