Dec 302011

Inspired by our talk of The Chronicles of Prydain, I want to remind those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure, that if you’ve not read Diane Duane’s Young Wizards series (starting with So You Want to Be a Wizard) or stopped before you got to the second book — Deep Wizardry &mdashp; you’re missing some of the best YA fantasy around (at least as good as Harry Potter).

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Dec 302011

When I was at Mysterious Galaxy (December 4, 2011), I mentioned how much I’d liked this YA (really, middle grade) series:

  • The Book of Three
  • The Black Cauldron
  • The Castle of Llyr
  • Taran Wanderer
  • The High King

Amber Benson who was with me and the others in the audience all recalled the movie, The Black Cauldron, but hadn’t known about the other books.

(For the record, if I ever get to be a gazillionaire, I’d buy back the film rights and make the books into a proper set of movies — and then I’d become a multi-gazillionaire.)

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Dec 252011

On December 4th, Amber Benson and I gave a talking on the Craft of Writing at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in Redondo Beach.

Before and after, we each spent 30 minutes writing in “the window.” I got to go second and, as I told Amber, I’d been thinking about the challenge for a while and had two things already to hand: the title, “Stone the Crows” and the name “Nerius Stimpton Poddlemore.”

As a Christmas gift from me to you, here it is.

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Dec 212011


Available Now!

City of Angels is the story of what happens when the first artificial intelligence is born.

I’ve just sent the latest version to my agent who assures me, that while we’re looking for a publisher, I can offer a version as an electronic book.  (Once we get a publisher, I’ll stop selling this edition.)

I’d intended to publish it as Todd Johnson — my “maiden” name — but it turns out that there is already one (and maybe two) Todd Johnsons published.  So, in deference to him/them, I’ll stick with Todd J. McCaffrey.

I’ve uploaded both Kindle and Nook versions which are available on their respective websites.

[Update: I’ve changed the cover to make it more viewable on the various eBook readers.]

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