Month: March 2012



Yay! I’ve just seen in Locus that Triptych by J.M. Frey has placed on the Lambda Awards Shortlist. (See here for full details.)

I think Triptych is an awesome book and one of the few books I’ve blurbed to date. This is what I said:

“It’s a very impressive first novel and if Ms. Frey continues to do with science fiction what she’s done in this book she might single-handedly be credited with reviving the entire genre. Bravo! Encore, encore!”

Interview in Albedo One

Interview in Albedo One

I was recently interviewed for Albedo One, the premiere Irish science fiction magazine.

If you go here you can read it!

The Bench for Mark Bourne

The Bench for Mark Bourne

Mark Bourne was an awesome person with a literary voice as rich as Mark Twain.

He was taken from us before he could fully share that amazing talent and rightly revel in our praise and awe of it. I’m crying once again as I think of all that we’ve lost in him.

We don’t want to forget him, so we’re hoping to donate a park bench in his favorite park. We’ve raised $2,000 of the $3,000 needed but we’d like to reach the goal by this Saturday when Mark’s Celebration of Life takes place.

If you can, please help us honor his memory and make a donation (every bit helps).

[Update: I’m pleased to report that as of today, March 26th, 2012, the “Bench-O-Meter” has reached $3500. Wow! And thanks to all who helped.]

Ownage – we gots it!

Ownage – we gots it!

Okay, EVERYONE please find the time to go back and read the Constitution of the United States of America.

There will be a quiz – every day.

Please REMEMBER that one of the greatest things about the Constitution is that it is based on the concept of government by consent. That means that we all agree to this government, that it’s OUR government, that we OWN it and it only exists by our continued consent.

When we complain about “them” in the government we are either complaining about ourselves or falling into the fallacy that says that we don’t OWN this government. Both are wrong.

If you choose not to exercise your right of ownership, that’s one thing.

You do NOT have the right to complain about the government you OWN unless you are actively exercising your right of ownership.

I am.

Every day.

My congresspeople and president are probably sick of hearing from me but I don’t care. THEY work for ME (and you).

Please remember that. It’s OUR government. Because we all collectively don’t agree on things, it’s a government of consensus.

But this government, this nation WE OWN, only works if we continue to exercise our rights and our responsibilities as mutual owners and inheritors of own of the greatest experiments in government ever to have been tried.

If you want to read a good refresher on how we got this particular Constitution and why, I highly recommend reading Decision in Philadelphia by Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier.

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