Jun 082012

I had Austin Kleon’s book, Steal Like an Artist on my wish list for a while and just recently picked it up, thinking that if there was just one good idea in it, it would be well worth the money paid.

There were, in fact, many good ideas but the one I’ve started with is his idea of keeping of journal of good things that happened in a day. It’s a retrospective diary, with entries made the day after but first thing in the morning and I do believe that he’s right: it gives a positive start to every day.

So… just a thought — start a diary of good things that happened the day before!

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Jun 062012

I would very much like to introduce you all to my new hero, Joanne O’Riordan. This young lady shows us that there truly are no limits to what we can do when determined.

She’s just 16 and yet she’s already addressed the United Nations’ International Telecommunications Union (ITU), caused a government to reverse policy, and has shown all the spirit and mettle of the best of heroines ever coupled with a marvelous wit. (I’ll even forgive her that she’s from Cork.)

I think that the trick to getting older is to make sure that the number of “goodbye”s we say never overwhelms the number of “hello”s. Here’s someone I hope to see more of as the years go by.

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Jun 062012

Today we say goodbye to Bradbury. He was 91 which is a pretty good age. We all know him for Fahrenheit 451 which has become required reading but some of us also know him for The Illustrated Man and The Martian Chronicles and many of his other amazing works.

He has left behind a brilliant legacy.

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Jun 032012

This is such a steal!

If you become a Supporting Member of the 2012 Worldcon (just $50), you not only get to vote in the Hugo Awards, you also get to vote for the location of the 2014 Worldcon, you get reduced membership for the 2013 Worldcon (San Antonio), and you get downloadable copies of the Hugo nominated works!

So you can read all the Hugo-nominated works and then vote for your favorite!

Act now, the voting deadline for the Hugos is July 31st!

Register today!

Be sure to choose “Supporting” membership — unless you’d like to go to the convention, too!

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