Jan 252013

I have enjoyed your mothers books since I was 8, when I recived my first copies of the Dragonriders of pern series which included Dragonflight, Dragoquest, the White Dragon and the harper hall series. Since then I have collected almost all of her books. I was wondering if there was any chance of another Crystal Singer novel.. Or even another in the Tower and Hive series..

If you think I am kidding about collecting her works here are a couple less known titles of your mother`s work. The Caradine Touch, The Year of the Lucy, The Mark of Merlin.

I have also started to enjoy your novels after recently finding that you were writing with your mom on Pern and then set your own novels for the same realm.

Lanzecki (hmm, that name sounds familiar),

Thank you for your kind words and I’m glad to learn that you enjoyed Mum’s books from an early age.

As I recall, Mum felt she’d written all she wanted to write in the Crystal Singer and the Tower and the Hive universes. Perhaps in time a new idea will come.


[Edit: Changing “Perhaps it time” to “Perhaps in time” – silly fingers!]

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Jan 252013

Know you are busy. Just want you to know you, your family and your late mom will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Be well and write as you can. You and your mon are loved by many.

Thanks! Mum was a marvelous person and we all miss her.

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Jan 252013

I just recently found about the passing of your very gifted and much loved mother, Anne…she and her wonderfully written books have been a part of my life since childhood…my oldest daughter’s first chapter book was Acorna…because of her my Ashley wants to be a writer and follow in her footsteps…thank you for continuing the serieses of Anne…her books are like old friends, no matter how long since you were together, you can always pick up where you left off…

Thanks, Marla. Fortunately I won’t be doing it on my own. My sister Georgeanne is also allowed to write on Pern, per Mum’s Will.

As to the other worlds… we’ll have to see.


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Jan 252013

Sooo happy to have more Pern. Have been one of those fans of 40yrs! Can’t begin to tell you how much it has meant to me and kept me from going entirely bonkers along the way–had NO love from my family but at times the works of your mother and some of her contemporaries, Norton, Bradley kept a lonely young girl on the wrong side of a locked door due to a family that NEVER KNEW the meaning of love,let alone unconditionally, and was never wanted. Being able to escape to where honor,honesty and respect are valued are some times the only ways for some of us to even know what they mean. “Worlds of wonder, worlds afar, Take me to a shining star, Where honor, love and duty live for those so blessed, Take me to where I am no guest.”

Never think that what you write doesn’t make a difference because it DOES! I cried when Robinton died, still do, and when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to “visit” Witch World or Darkover but I can still have new adventures in Pern! THANK YOU!



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