Mar 232013

Dear Todd,

At the end of Dragongirl the comment section mentions a book by you called Dragonrider which was supposed to be released in 2011.

I can not find it either in hardback or electronic. Was it released under another name? It was supposed to be the follow-up of Dragongirl. I think I might have read it but do not remember which book it was but I do remember that Lorana had gone forward in time and Kindan and Xianni took the weyrlings foreward. Lorana found the lost wing (D’tans) and brought them back from “in between” If that was the follow-up book which one was it??


The name was changed from Dragonrider to Dragon’s Time which itself was followed by Sky Dragons.


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Mar 112013

Mr. McCaffrey I am a long time fan of the dragon rider series (began reading in 1975) your dear mother wrote. I have read and reread the first core 6 novels over the years until the spines wore out. I have the first three flight, quest and white dragon on kindle. however dragonsong, singer and drums are not available on kindle. Do the publishers plan on making the Harper Hall serices available on Kindle? Patiently waiting not to have to turn a page. thank you. Donna

Hi Donna,

I really hope that we’ll get every one of Mum’s books available as eBooks soon.

The reason that the Harper Hall trilogy is not yet available is that the books come out through different publishers and that the contracts needed revising to permit eBooks (as the original books were published long before anyone even thought of eBooks).

However, what with having to get contracts to and fro and then getting things into production, it takes a while.

All of which is totally out of my control so I can do is counsel patience.


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Mar 112013

Hey Todd!
I absolutely love the Dragonriders of Pern series. Every book has a new am exciting adventure! They have been my go-to books whenever I need a break from reality. I just recently finished reading all the books a third time, and they never get tiring. I was just wondering where Pern goes from here? Or if the journey has come to an end? It would be sad to have the series end. However, I understand all good stories must end at some point. I just hope it isn’t too soon.


Hi Sharon,

Thanks for your kind words.

I certainly hope that there will be more Pern to come. Mum was quite specific in her Will that the only two people who could write on Pern were me and my sister (Georgeanne Kennedy).

Right now we’re still getting the Estate sorted so it will be some time before we get things on track.


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