Jul 222013

I’ve uploaded photos from the Delphic Oracle panel, courtesy of the marvelous Samantha Del Arroz and Jan Schroeder (I had a camera the whole time and never remembered to use it).  As we get more from other events, I’ll post them.

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Jul 222013

Dragonwriter: A Tribute to Anne McCaffrey and Pern

This is a brilliant and brilliantly produced tribute to Mum. It includes color illustrations from Michael Whelan and an amazing host of contributors from the width and breadth of Mum’s life.

It will be available August 6, 2013.

You can pre-order most easily through Smart Pop Books.

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Jul 212013

Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Reviews reviewed Dragonwriter here.

I particularly loved this on Angelina Adams’ essay:

There is one story that stood out the me, although I enjoyed every single one of them, and that is “Changes Without Notice” by Angelina Adams. I haven’t read The Ship Who Sang (but I will!) but it becomes clear from this collection what it is about. Reading Adams’ story made me understand how that book must have touched her and how it actually changed her life. I admit, I am prone to being emotional when I read, but if this story doesn’t make you cry at least a litte, you must be heartless.

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Jul 212013

I had a marvelous time at Comic-Con. The Delphic Oracle was a blast. I’d like to thank Kevin J. Anderson, Jon Del Arroz, Craig Miller, Danni Kollin, and Mallory Reaves for their participation as panelists.

I’d like to particularly thank Margaret Johnson for taking on — at the last minute &madsh; the much over-looked role of scribe, taking notes of what was being said to refresh our sometimes laughter-addled memories.

I’m hoping to reprise The Delphic Oracle next year. I may also suggest one or two other new panel ideas when the Comic-Con folks have recovered enough to start looking toward 2014.

Saturday’s signing of Dragonwriter was a marvelous event and we’re all very pleased with the beautiful work done by Benbella/Smartpop, particularly Leah Wilson and Heather Butterfield for their dedication and efforts to make this book and its launch worthy of the author it salutes — my mother, Anne McCaffrey.

Overall my experience at Comic-Con this year was more favorable in past years. I’m starting to think of making the convention one my annual do’s. In this I owe a lot to the dedicated staffers, such as Anastasia Hunter, Ron and Val Ontell, Jim Hayes, and all the others who work not only at this convention but also at the local San Diego conventions to make them so enjoyable for all.

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