Month: September 2013

Request from Mark in the UK

Request from Mark in the UK

I have every dragon book but want to download them to i pod but cant get them in the uk how can i get them over here only have some of the newer ones i cant get any more than 14 there are 53 on the us version.

Please can they be made available for us in the uk!



Dear Mark,

The best way to get this to happen is for you (and anyone else who wants this) to write the audiobook publisher directly.

If they know that there’s demand, they’ll be quite happy to supply it.



Letter from Augusta

Letter from Augusta

Dear Todd!

I’m a 15 year old girl from Denmark. I discovered your mothers books; Dragonsinger, Dragondrums & Dragonsong when I was 12. I’ve read them several times (actually, more than a several).

A little time ago I looked the whole series up, and found out there were ALMOST 25 BOOKS! I really want too read the rest, but they aren’t translated to Danish and my English isn’t good enough to read them.

The reason I’m writing to you, is because I really want them to get translated. I am going to write to the Danish publicer ‘Borgen; Science Fiction’ too, but I might need a little help. If you want/can/have the time to do anything I would be you eternal thankful! (I already am because of these FANTASTIC books) 😀

I don’t know if you actually can do anything but i thought that you maybe can if you would try I would be sooo happy! I just feel like I’m standing behind a closed door, looking trough the keyhole. Behind the door there’s a fantastic, wonderful, magical world, and I just can’t reach it! I can see the old rusty key, but there’s no way I can get it. I need someone on the other side of the door to take the key and lock up the door. I think you Todd, are that person. Will you open the door for me?

Best regards and greetings from Denmark,

Augusta B. Slagor

P.s. Your mother’s death was a great loss for every reader of the tales about Pern. I am truly sorry for you!

Dear Augusta,

When I went to school in Ireland, one of my best friends was Danish. He learned English by reading Donald Duck and other comics in English.

I’ve forwarded your message on to Mum’s agent.

I’m glad you’ve written your Danish publisher, that’s excellent. Letters to publishers let them know that there’s interest in something. In the end, it’s their willingness to risk the money required to translate and publish something that determines whether a book becomes available at your local bookseller. Hearing from you (and others like you), gives them a greater incentive.



P.S.: Thank you for your condolences.

Condolences from Richard

Condolences from Richard

Dear Mr. McCaffrey,

Although I never actually met your mother, I considered her a very dear friend for most of my life. Her books took me to places and times that made my life a little more enjoyable.

I got “Sky Dragons” yesterday morning and that was when I found out about your mother passing “between”. I offer my condolences to you and your family for the loss of a great lady. She will be missed!!!

Sincerly Richard Minton

Thanks, Richard!

It was very hard to write that Acknowledgement, knowing how many people would be discovering the news of Mum’s loss through it.

We all miss her. Fortunately, she’s left a bit of herself on the countless pages she wrote on Pern and all her other worlds. A great legacy.



Letter from Brenda

Letter from Brenda

Dear Todd,

I have been traveling to Pern for many years now and am very happy that you have joined in the journey. I have laughed, cried, been relieved, angry and sometimes confussed (that timing). Needless to say, my books are all worn and frayed from numerous visits.

Please tell Pern fans there will be an answer to the dangling questions. <

Where will Lessa and F’lar settle after the last fall? Where will the last fall occur? Does Lord Groughe live long enough to celebrate the happy event? (He is getting rather on in years.)Finally, does Toric and the Abominators get the justice they deserve?

Thank you for keeping the glows shining.

Dear Brenda,

I’m so glad. Mum always used to say that the fraying of a book “shows that it’s loved.”

You ask good questions. Right now we’re all still getting things together in the world without Anne.

My sister, Georgeanne Kennedy, whom we all call ‘Gigi’ is the only other person besides myself to whom Mum entrusted the future of Pern.

Gigi, brave soul, is the only one of us kids who settled in Ireland so, naturally, she was the one who bore the brunt of the work of settling Mum’s affairs.

Such things are quite draining above and beyond dealing with grieving over the loss of a loved one.

Mum passed away at a time when she and I agreed that I should take a break from writing on Pern (“because otherwise you get stale”), so I have been busy with my own worlds and ideas.

I imagine that when one of us — Gigi or myself — finds the tug of Pern calling, we’ll respond.



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