Oct 082013

I am wondering if there are going to be anymore books in the Freedom Series?

Thank You


Dear Shannon,

Interesting question!

I thought that Mum had gotten Freedom to a really interesting position and future books would be really cool.

She felt she was done with it and not so interested.

I haven’t read them in a while now.



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Oct 082013

Dear Todd,

I only read maybe two of the Pern series books an was wondering, being you’re having trouble making a movie, why not make a kids cartoon series based on your books? Also, I don’t have any money to buy your books but, just wanted to say I loved, enjoyed, and miss reading your books. I know your mom is looking down and smiling at how much you have accomplished. Keep up the good work.

Dear Chris,

Actually, the very first time Dragonflight was optioned, it was going to be an animated feature-length movie. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

Since then a number of attempts have been made. Currently, however, Copperheart Entertainment has the rights and we have high hopes.



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Oct 082013

I have been a big fan of the books by you and your mother for many years and have read them so many times that I know the characters and their families. I just re read Dragonsdawn, and found it so enjoyable, now I’m re reading All the Weyrs of Pern again for the umpteenth time. My question is I read a while back that a movie was in the works, is that still going to happen and would you be a part of it. Looking forward to more books about Pern, Acorna, Freedom and other works in progress.


I’m glad to hear that you’re having fun once again on Pern!

Is there a movie in the works? Yes.

Am I going to be a part of it? Probably not. The idea is to leave it to the experts.



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Oct 082013

Dear Todd,

I’m hoping you may have the influence required to fix something. Last week I downloaded a Kindle version of The Dragonriders of Pern. It’s been probably twenty years since I last read them, but I did practically memorize that first trilogy as a teen. Anne’s Dragons were my favorite fantasy place. Thus, while reading the Kindle version I’ve been angered by a sloppy editing job. Character names, place names, sentence structures, substitutions of words that don’t occur in the English or Pernese languages…it’s a copy edit that fixed nothing and created more errors than I can stomach as a devoted Pern fan.

F’lessan actually hushed Jaxom by saying, “Sushi!” That is just one example. What Masterminer Nicat’s name became was unpronounceable.

I’m just a lowly author who was inspired by Anne’s works. No matter what I say to Random House, they would never fix this. I’m hoping a word from you just might get them to have somebody actually read the books before changing words.

Thanks for listening



Dear Sonya,

Wow, I wish I had that power! Oooh, boy, would I get a bunch of stuff fixed then!

As near as I can tell, however, you’re almost wishing for a super-power.

You are not the only one who has spotted typos in eBooks. Some of my favorite books I simply cannot read in eBook format because the formatting’s sooo bad.

However, I do believe that if you and others write in to Random House and tell them — if enough people tell them — then they’ll fix it. It’s not a question of one voice, it’s a question of enough voices.

I will also add that sometimes it’s not an issue with the eBook but with the eBook reader (I mean the electronic device, not the person). In your case — with the “Sushi!” — I suspect it’s not so but sometimes it is (I know from having self-published some things myself).

In any event, I hear your pain and feel it!

I can only re-iterate that writing and complaining to the publisher is probably the best and only course of action that’ll work.



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