Month: April 2014

Offer from Rachel

Offer from Rachel

Dear Todd McCaffrey I love for you to help me on a book I need help to write I’d like to call the book the sleeping dragon in honour of your mom passing I was sad to hear that hope your going to write more like nimisha ship it left me with the question of what happens after the book sleeping dragon book is a book where dragons are seen yet only in human form I’ll tell you the rest if you help me write it. For Sam stewart as it’s his idea.

Dear Rachel,

You should probably read Tea with the Black Dragon by R. A. MacAvoy which deals with just that sort of thing.

You could also see something similar in my story, Golden, which will be appearing in the forthcoming Fantasy for Good. There will also be sequels and maybe, someday, an entire book.

I don’t write other people’s books and my mother was very specific in who she wanted to write on Pern — just me and my sister.

Fanfiction is for people who want to write not-for-profit in other people’s worlds. Mum has published those fanfiction rules on her website.



P.S.: I should mention that most authors are very unhappy with getting story ideas sent to them. Such things are the source of legal nightmares and I very specifically on my FAQ page said that I am not looking for story ideas.

Anne McCaffrey: “You done me and my dragons real proud”

Anne McCaffrey: “You done me and my dragons real proud”

Back in 1967, John W. Campbell of Analog, published Weyr Search which went on to become the first part of Dragonflight.

He chose artist John Schoenherr to do both the cover and interior illustrations. He also did the cover for the first part of Dragonrider and all the interior illustrations for both parts.

I was thrilled when John’s son, Ian, contacted me to ask if he could post Mum’s letter up on John’s memorial website.

You can see it and some of the magnificent illustrations here.

Question from Wendy

Question from Wendy

i love all the dragon books when are u going to write a sequel to the skies of pern

I don’t know, Wendy.

Right now, I’ve got a lot of stories I’m working on.

Question from Ruth

Question from Ruth

I was wondering if the Dragonriders movie(s) will come to pass. I read these books over 30 years ago and have been dying to see them on the big screen. I would love the see the expressions in the dragons’ eyes and just the story in general. The latest postings I have read were dated April 2011. Is it ever going to happen?

It would be cool to see the Pern come to life, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, it has yet to happen.

We keep our fingers crossed!

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