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Greetings from Tammy and family

Greetings from Tammy and family

Greetings Todd,

Its been two years since the passing of your mom. It was such a terrible blow for a lot of fans all around the world. I loved her books and now you are added to my long list of favorite authors. I know your mom would be so proud of you. I hope one day to pass my love of the Dragonriders of Pern onto my daughter who oddly enough was born in the year of the Dragon (much like her father….LOL) and she’s also a valentine baby…i can just hear the complaints coming when she’s older! God help me when that happens. Katya has a love of dragons too….she sleeps with a stuffed dragon all the time and will refuse to sleep if its not there. I should’ve bought another one just in case its get so old and ratty that i could’ve just magically make it brand new. I’m doomed aren’t I? My favorite dragon is Ruth…because he was hatched differently he is still such an amazing dragon and it spoke volumes to me. I was born with German Measles and lost my hearing at the result of it….only my hearing…and it could’ve been a whole lot worse but i’m thankful for that! I may not hear everything (my husband does that for me….sharp hearing that man has!) but I know i’m special in my own way. Much like Ruth was special to Jaxom. Keep on writing, you bring such a passion to your books and its clear that your mom’s passion passed down to you. Don’t worry about faltering, you have legions of loyal fans willing to lift you up when you need it! I look forward to getting some more books of yours…i’m a wee bit behind…having a new baby would do it!


With many hugs and love!

Tammy and hopefully a future Dragonrider of Pern fan Katya!

Thank you! (And, sadly, it’s been three years and a bit more since we lost Mum, November 21st, 2011.)

I can’t say whether you’re doomed but you’re certainly in for interesting times with marvelously named Katya!

A suggestion, if I may, with regards to the stuffed dragon: switch them out from time to time so that they’re equally worn. That way if one is lost you can simply replace it without fanfare. We did this with our kidlet.

I’ve got a dragon short story out in a charity anthology, Fantasy for Good, which has non-Pern dragons in it called “Golden” if you’re feeling desperate for a bit of draconish tales.

Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!

Condolences from Michael

Condolences from Michael

Mr. McCaffrey I just found out about your mother’s passing. I don’t follow current events and am so sorry for your loss. The Pern novels influenced my life in a huge way that I am only beginning to understand. (Example my wife is remarkably close personalitywise to Lessa). So in surmation thank you. Thank you for everything and I am going to read your contributions to Pern now that I know they exist.

I know! We want our favorite authors to go on forever, don’t we?

Thank you for your kind words and I’m sure Mum would be thrilled to learn that her books had such an impact on you.



Warner Brothers has optioned the series

Warner Brothers has optioned the series

From my Newsletter:

I’m very pleased to confirm that Warner Brothers has optioned The Dragonriders of Pern® and it is in active development.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hollywood, development is a very difficult process with many starts, stops, and bumps along the road.

We are all very hopeful.  Fingers crossed!

Question from Joseph

Question from Joseph

Do you have a twitter account?

I do, indeed!

I started way back when and wasn’t sure if I wanted to remain anonymous, so I am @toddric.

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