Month: April 2015

Letter from Nicki

Letter from Nicki

I have been a huge fan of your mother for years and have owned and read all her books. The trilogy that I particularly loved has been the Crystal Singer.

I am a writer and wanted to asked permission to continue the series with a new novel. I have also written to your publishing house as well.

Thank you for your time.

Dear Nicki,

The answer (at least for the foreseeable future) is no.

I have no doubt the publisher will tell you the same.

However, Mum understood that fans might want to write fan fiction, and established fan fiction rules. You might want to look at them and consider writing fan fiction.

Mum’s final word on fan fiction was that she felt people should write their own books on their own worlds.

Also, if you’re planning on becoming a full-time author, you might want to consider Writers of the Future. Mum was a judge (as am I).


Todd McCaffrey

Question from Magdalena

Question from Magdalena

Good afternoon, Mr. McCaffrey – I tried to access the site and it appears to be in Chinese/Japanese. I see no place to change the language. Do you have any idea what’s going on? Thank you!

Dear Magdalena,

We let that domain name lapse. You can get to the same site by using or by going through the top site, and through it to the Authors section and thence to Mum’s old site.

Letter from Christine

Letter from Christine

I wrote you a while back about working on the Pern Movie. I think that I may have let you think that I just do cosplay. I do cosplay now as a sideline. I have 25 years of stage productions. My first prodution was in 1992. I have done more than 25 shows in that time. I am self taught. I would do any show with someone that has a degree in costuming and learn all that I could. I live in a town that has a wonderful summer theater that is well known.

A I said earlier I would love to help with the costumes of this productions.


I’m glad to hear that you are in stage production. My mother loved to do what she called “off-off-off-off Broadways” productions.

However, I have absolutely no control over anything associated with production on any movie that Warner Brothers might produced.

My best guess, if you want to get involved, is that you’d have to know someone who’s been working down in Warner Brothers who thinks highly of your work and is willing to go to bat for you. And then, of course, they’d want you to be local to wherever they’re going to do the production.

That person is most definitely not me.

Good luck,


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