Month: June 2015

Letter from Steph

Letter from Steph

Dear Todd

My Mum and I are both big fan’s of all Anne’s books and your own contributions to her dragon series. I’m really looking forward to reading some of your other work soon as well.

I am writing to you because in September I am going into my 3rd year of an English and Creative Writing course at Chichester University and the subject of my Dissertation is Anne’s work. However, I am having trouble finding any critical responses to her work to discuss within my Dissertation, so I would greatly appreciate anything you could send me copies of that might help.

Thank you,




By now, as a student of Creative Writing, you should know all about copyright, so you should know that if I had copies of something that wasn’t in the public domain (or shareable through Creative Commons) I would be violating copyright by sending them to you.

As it is, the issue is moot: I have no such documents.

However, I did note that a quick search of the web — “anne mccaffrey critical analysis” — yields roughly 86,500 results.



Question from Allison

Question from Allison

As a mother of identical twins, and a fan of the Pern series, I’ve had a question for years about this. In the Pern universe, would it be possible for identical twins to impress a single dragon?

Dear Allison,

No. As you know, twins are still different people. The dragon chooses the person best matching their personality.

— Todd

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