Aug 302015

I’m very pleased to announce that my short story, Golden is part of the Women in Practical Armor anthology.

You can help kickstart it. See if we can get them to unlock the book launch party!

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Aug 202015

Between now (August 20th) and the next eight days (August 28th), you can buy Dragonholder as part of a Groupees bundle. Just follow this link:

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Aug 172015

Please please let me know where I can find the book you mention at the end of Dragongirl – “Dragonrider” I am hoping it finishes Fiona’s and Lorana’s story – I can’t find it anywhere and it says in the back of Dragongirl that it will be in sale May 2011????

I started reading these books ages ago with my father and now that I am grown and my child is 13 I find I have a bit of time to read again!! I went straight to the Pern novels and have read all the ones I did not read before and just started Skydragons but after just a few pages I realize I need “Dragonriders” to help me complete Fiona’s and Lorana’s story – I am a purist! I cannot read a book out of order – please help me – I absolutely LOVE the pern novels – I have kept them all and will pass along to my son Thank you for your time and imagination!

Sorry, the title changed!

The book you are lookng for is Dragon’s Time

It is followed by Sky Dragons which was the last book Mum and I wrote together.

Again, sorry for the confusion!



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