Mar 282016

Not really a question but… It’s dust storming very bad in Southern California today. So I used my Dragonlover’s Guide to Pern to make herdbeast stew and Bubbly Pies.

Great idea!


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Mar 282016

Mr. McCaffrey, I started reading your mother’s books when i was stationed overseas, and have continued reading them to this day after you took up her helm. However, when is there going to be a new PERN novel, or is there?

Maybe going back to the arrival and the reason for it would be something you or your sister might consider. Or how about two years after the red star was silenced, but it got knocked back into orbit by a comet that nobody knew about (it is scifi afterall.)

Good sir,

When Mum passed away she specified in her Will that she preferred only two people write on Pern: myself and my sister.

Given that I’ve written three solo and five collabs with Mum, I think it’s only fair to give my sister a shot.

And, of course, she’s under absolutely no pressure — all she has to do is please every fan in existence and write a New York Times bestseller for her debut novel. Nope, no pressure at all!

— Todd

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Mar 272016

I have always loved Anne’s Tower and hive series and Pegasus in flight series. I was always hoping for another book in the series, but know that’s not possible now. I’ve tried to read the pern books and don’t enjoy them as much as the tower and hive. Are there any other series that may be similar?


You might want to give The Crystal Singer series a look.

Also — one of my favorites — you might check out the Freedom series (starting with Freedom’s Landing).



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